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You’ve Joined the Right Course – So Grow and Love It ‘- Guest of Honor Dr. Tom George Associate Adviser: ISHA SOL Energy Power Management ‘and’ Software Development ‘

Mangaluru As the industry expects new employees to have all the practical skills they need to get started, vocational training is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. The BVC course was introduced by the University Aid Commission with the aim of providing higher education and job creation to graduates of higher education institutions. Unlike other typical UG courses, the curriculum of this program is tailored to work roles according to the National Skills Framework (NSQF). The curriculum is industry-based and integrated, with job training for a number of specialists.

Postgraduate professionals can apply for higher education in the field of Master of Vocational Studies. [M.Voc], Which is again the best in the field of professional studies. Courses in vocational education in India, emergency paramedic and health administration; Renewable energy management; Retail management; Web technology and multimedia; Fashion technology and clothing design; Industrial microbiology; Fashion design; Information; Technology; Logistics management; Jewelry design; National Pharmaceutical Design; Data and web analysis; And broadcasting and journalism.

St. Alysis College, Mangaluru, currently the only college in Kanataka to offer B VOC (DDU Kaushal Kendra) degree courses, and on Wednesday, November 24, two new professional degree courses were added, “Renewable Energy Management” and Software Development, guest speaker Dr. Tom George Associate Adviser, ISHA SOL Energies, Bengaluru, with distinguished guests – Robin Rajesh – Business Manager – ISHA SOL Energies, Bengaluru; Proven Pinto – Service Manager (Automation) at IT Company in Mangalugu; Reneesh R-South India Sales Manager at Panasonic Solar; And Dr. Vivek K – Technical Director – ISHA SOL and Green Tera, Bengalru. Fr. Melis Pinto-Rector Mangaluru, pastor of St. Alice’s Institutions, took the lead. Rev. Dr. Proven Martis – Principal of the College, Dr. Dennis Fernandez – Director of St. Alysis College; Dr. Alwin Dissa – Registrar, sits on the day.

Following a prayer for God’s blessing, Dr. Dennis Fernandez delivered a welcome address to all faculties of the B VOC Department, under the auspices of Sharon Dissuza, Prima Ducheu and Jenisa Dissuza. Dr. Ravindraswami-Dean of the BAC Department and Computer Animation on the “Software Development” course on Physics Lawrence Pinto-Hoddy on ‘Renewable Energy Management’ course. The program is turned on by turning on the traditional light on the plaintiff.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Tom George, the host of the event, said that renewable energy sources are saving not only energy but also energy for our species. It is therefore a hope for future generations. In the future, real heroes are the ones who can save our race from the threat of future climate change. Dr. George also said that students taking this newly introduced BVoc renewable energy should be proud to be part of the climate change solution that is being faced. “You have all come to the right place at the right time. So grow it and love it. These courses are for a better future, ”added Dr. Tom.

Panasonic Solar Business of Panasonic Renesh also said at the event that the number of job opportunities available in the field of renewable energy and technology is so small that the number of students studying at the smallest colleges in the country cannot be met. When you leave this 3-year course, they will be very interested. Robin Rajesh from Isha Sol Energy Bengalru said that the students’ choice to join this course is very wise because it is a new branch of technical studies and there is a bright future for all professionals.

“We did not have all the tools, technology gadgets and better equipment in our college age as we do today,” said Pivon Pinto. While studying at St. Alysis College, where I worked for M.M., it was FRE Denzil Lobo SJ, the founder of AMIT, who persuaded me to take a computer course, which led me to advanced. Thank you St. Alysius College for raising me and reaching where I am today. There are struggles in life, which you need to win to succeed. The software industry in India is currently worth $ 8 billion, which could reach $ 80 billion by 2025.

Pinto continued, “The software field is growing, and the course you are all taking will have a great future for you. But you must pay attention to the study you are pursuing. Student grade is the best part of your life. You have to learn … to learn and learn more, and to keep learning software. Remember that many things can be stolen, but no one can steal knowledge. Focus on your study, and have fun at the same time. Respect your elders, your teachers, and don’t forget your dream when you leave this institution.

According to Principal Fr Praveen Martis SJ, “These two new courses are great opportunities for all of you. We provide you with all the latest technology tools and tools. After three years of study, your work will be waiting for you. You need to spread the word about these courses to others, so that others can benefit from it in the future. You have made the right choice by joining these courses. Study hard, and once you graduate, you will be responsible for saving the planet. ”

Rector Fre Melwin Pinto SJ said, “All of you who have taken these two new courses at B Voc will definitely learn something new and you will love it. Years ago no one talked about solar power, but now it’s the talk of the town. The software field also has better boundaries and better opportunities to reach higher heights. When we wanted to start these two new courses, the administration and faculty of the department discussed and succeeded. We were impressed by the good response to the courses. Once you graduate, think not only about finding a job but also about how to create one. Create something new and create something that does not exist. Don’t just think about getting great grades, have love for your courses, and that is success.

A new ISHA-SOL energy website “Solar Generation” was launched by Rector Fre Melwin Pinto SJ. Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing. The program was co-chaired by B Voc Dipitor Sharat Shetty.

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