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In January 2020, the Youth Government of Trinidad and Tobago (YGTT) established a Diplomatic Academy to train and nurture youth. However, thanks to Covid-19, the academy has completely taken over its online management system through LMS.

One of the courses offered by YGTT LMS is the new energy web series developed in collaboration with Trinidad and Tobago National Gas Company. The web series contains 13 content-filled videos for teens to gain an in-depth understanding of the Republican energy sector.

YGTT is a platform for individuals aged 18-35 to use their chosen voice to promote national change through action-oriented representation.

Speaking to Express, Odessa Fortune, the Governor of Public Administration and Communications, said the free education management system is aimed at youth development in areas such as public speaking, leadership development and public relations.

In January 2020, the Youth Government of Trinidad and Tobago established a Diplomatic Academy to train and nurture youth. The academy was designed to make courses such as leadership development, public speaking and public relations accessible to young people across the country. Originally designed to provide physical learning, this initiative was re-launched in the wake of the VV-19 epidemic.

YGT launched its new website as part of its 2020-2021 strategic plan. The website offers online courses to engage young people and organizations in policy formulation, parliamentary processes and procedures, and leadership development. The courses fall into categories such as business, art and culture, agriculture and energy.

“All online courses are pre-registered to enable course participants to access the courses anytime, anywhere and at their own pace. By the end of 2021, two courses will be added each month to achieve our goal of 50 courses, ”said Fortune.

Fortune said the e-learning industry is growing rapidly and will provide participants with more learning opportunities. More due to restrictions on free movement due to the occurrence of VV-19. The creation of this e-learning platform will make learning fun, exciting and more accessible.

“The forum provides participants with additional learning options, more resources and flexibility to learn anywhere and anytime. Many people have access to a smartphone and now have an education in the palm of their hand. Our course content is designed by highly trained teachers to provide participants with unique quality learning experience through the Young Government TT Learning Management System. By LMS We will also play a role in creating jobs by providing additional income for educators, ”said Fortune.

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People interested in enrolling in available programs can go to Once the courses are completed, participants will receive a certified certificate, which is generated by the website, so they may celebrate their success.

The functions of the website include.

The LMS platform displays the following list of tasks to successfully ensure that the end user has an excellent learning experience.

The functions of the website include:

Talks and Student Entrance.

E-learning programs for audience and visual students

Reporting E-Student Progress and System Administrator Reports.

Webinars tab for hosting corporate events.

An e-commerce store that lists companies and their partners.

E-Education Certificates.

Question and answer section for each course.

Tests and assignments for each course.

Submit a Q&A tab to the course teacher.

Wipay Online Payment System.


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