Young people are empowered by solar courses

According to Mekele, Indian youths around the country are benefiting from solar Malaysian training courses.

Vanita MIC head board member of the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA), Usha Nandini Jaira, made the remarks while visiting a home for the elderly in Port Dixon.

Seda works to promote sustainable energy, including solar energy.

He has been taking courses in solar power and storage systems, including online courses.

“The training sessions were well attended by young people from India-Malaysia who are interested in green and sustainable energy industry,” he said.

> Two teachers from rural schools in Perrac have won the Dr. Sarpapali Radicalism Award for their contribution to primary education.

He was one of 127 teachers selected to receive a teacher’s award on the second birthday of India’s president.

SJK (T) Kir Johari teacher Ruba Rajandran and SJK (T) Ladang Sungai Kru teacher Selvarani Uturakumaran won the Teacher’s Award on the second birthday of the President of India.

He was one of 127 teachers from around the world chosen to receive the honor.

The nominees were selected by the Tamil Nadu-based Tamil Nadu, a government-recognized international research institute.

Selvarani also used math lessons to create online platforms in May, while Jura Digital won 2021, and Ruba won the Best Teachers Award for her creative teaching methods in April, USA.

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