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The six faculty members of the powerful faculty of X-ray, Energy Technology, Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging, Large Data, Herd Robots, and Crio-Electron Microscope are just some of the research topics that have helped them win the Cornell Engineering Research Award. Ivy League Higher Engineering College.

The recipients of the annual award are selected by the committee on the basis of their personal research results. Winners are recognized for their impact on the community, their reputation in the field, their leadership, their mentorship, and their citizenship in colleges and universities.

Receiving 2021 recipients

Kuram Afridy, Associate Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Afridi explores high-frequency power electronics by focusing on wireless charging and data compression for data centers and other applications. His research, which has earned him excellent paper awards, dozens of grants and numerous patents in three years at Cornell, has great potential for transforming sustainable transportation, robotics and biomedical installations. Afridi founded a successful Infotech company, opened a school in Pakistan, developed new Corner Engineering courses, and served on several school committees.

Joel Brooke, Professor of the Foundation, School of Function and Engineering Physics

Brooke is widely known as a leader in X-ray synchronization sources and for the past eight years has successfully co-sponsored, funded the Cornell High Energy Syntronous Source (Chess) – one of Cornell’s largest research firms. Portfolio, and management structure. Chase has an annual operating budget of $ 22.5 million and employs 65 people. A.D. And MS Director.

Greeshma Gadikota, Assistant Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Gadikota’s carbon dioxide response – from groundwater to steel and steel production processes – is laying the foundations for sustainable technologies, renewable energy, and carbon refining. Gadikota joined Cornell in 2019 and has won numerous national awards and board appointments and has two patents pending patents. Gadikota’s efforts to host the Women’s Energy Symposium at the ACS Annual Meeting shed more light on gender differences in the field of energy.

Lina Curcutis, Associate Professor, School of Functional and Engineering Physics

Curukutis is leading the world in numerical cryptocurrency scanning electron microscopy and its research is helping to make new advances in areas such as quantum science, information technologies and sustainable energy. A.D. Curcutis has held leadership positions at several Cornell Centers and Boards, and is the Director of the School’s Undergraduate Studies.

Kirstin Petersen, Assistant Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Peterson’s study is redefining the design of intelligent robotic systems, and focuses on a collection of naturally occurring and autonomous herd robots. His work covers a wide range of fields, including electronics, software, intomology, and architecture. A.D. After Cornell arrived in 2016, Peterson was regularly featured in popular media. She mentions students in a variety of fields, helps Cornell Robotics Day, develops a student laboratory, and is actively involved in promoting a holistic environment for women in STEM. Peterson also led 200 volunteers during the epidemic and published more than 80,000 3D defenses for hospitals.

David Schmidt, Professor of Business Management and Leadership Studies at Leib / Acheson, School of Operations Research and Information Engineering

Schmidt is known for designing and analyzing efficient algorithms for specific optimization problems. In general, big data development has directly impacted knowledge in a variety of areas, including sustainability, genomics, and political redistribution. His work on bicycle sharing algorithms has won numerous awards and announces the work of Citibic New York City. Shemois joined Cornell in 1989 and has held several positions, including director of the Enterprise and Community Data Science Center and a former school director. During the Covenant-19 epidemic, he helped to open campus, inform university protocols, and rebuild coursework.

Dean Holly Grace Zing, Associate in Cornell Engineering Research and Postgraduate Studies, said: Foundation of Cornell Collaborative Campus and Ivy Best Engineering College.

Research excellence awards will be given at the reception and meeting of the Faculty of Engineering on December 7th.

A list of past recipients can be found on the Cornell Engineering website.

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