Wyoming is the No. 1 coal producer in the United States, but its largest resource is fossil fuels.

Wyoming has been America’s largest coal producer since 1986. But while the state is stubbornly stuck to fossil fuels, the biggest resource is for young people to throw coal.

PacifiCorp is cutting coal in Wyoming

Rocky Mountain Power Wyoming is the largest power utility, and parent company Pacificficor Friday, according to KPVI, said the two-year integrated resource plan “includes significant investment in renewables – and no new investments in coal or natural gas. The 2021 plan will be finalized next week.

KPVI continues:

The Pacificifor Corporation plans to retire 14 of the 22 active coal units by 2030, five by 2040, and the remaining three will soon be closed. By 2024, the Wimming Jim Bridger power plant will have two coal chambers.

According to this year’s plan, all Pacific-Pacific Wyoming coal plants will be offline by 2039…

የስር System CO2 emissions are down by 53% by 2025, by 74% by 2030 and by 92% by 2040, according to the company.

In addition, PacificFocus plans to add more than 3,600 megawatts of wind, more than 5,600 megawatts of solar and 6,700 megawatts of battery storage.

PacifiCorps Coal Retirement? It’s a bad business, and the company has been in business since 2018.

[A] The company’s 2018 report found that 13 of the 22 coal units were not economical. In a 2021 announcement, it stated, “Continued costs on existing coal mines and reducing costs for new resource options.”

Wyoming lawmakers are stuck with coal

In response, Wyoming lawmakers sought to stop the consumption of plants by bypassing last month’s bill. Oil City News Explained in March 2020:

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon [R-WY] Signed Senate 21 Tuesday, March 10 The law requires public utilities to “try good faith first” to sell coal-fired power plants before discontinuing such facilities.

The regulations will take effect from July 1, 2021, and will allow non-utilities to purchase coal-fired power plants and sell power to industrial customers.

Rob Godie, associate professor of economics at Wyoming University, told KPVI.

Wyoming policy has actively tried to oppose the transition from coal and to prolong the life of plants and me.

And so far, looking at the results, that has largely failed.

Wyoming Power Profile

Wyoming produces 14 times more energy than it uses. It is the largest net energy supplier in the United States, according to the US Energy Information Administration (IAA).

A.D. In 2019, the United States accounted for about 39% of the nation’s coal mines, and while the state produces more than a third of the world’s coal reserves, it is also a growing wind producer. EI writes:

Winding in Wyoming has doubled since 2009 and By 2020, the state’s electricity network has reached 12%. The state has the capacity to generate the third-largest wind power by 2020 after Texas and Iowa.

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Photo: “East Wyoming Coal Mine, WY” near Gillett, licensed by ccvedros under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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