WVDP is partnering with the Sheriff’s Office for security training

West Valley: The West Valley Demonstration Project (WVDP) recently held a graduation ceremony for three security police officers who, for the first time in partnership with the local Sheriff’s Office, completed a seven-week security training course.

The officers, Travis Radomski, Gregory Yakobs and Tage Soderlund, regularly attend the Doi National Training Center (NT) in Albuquerque, NM, but this year there was no place for them at the center’s basic security officer training course. From many DOE buildings that require training to many new recruits.

As a result, the WVDP management team, which includes AM, cleaner CH2M HILL BWXT West Valley (CHBWV) and security subcontractor Paragon Energy – plans to train the officers from Paragon and Qatar Quarter County teachers. Sheriff’s Office using the resources of the Sheriff’s Office. The training plan was approved by NTC.

“We understand the importance and benefits of training emergency responders in the Western Valley,” said Brian Bouer, director of EM WVDP. “Trained and competent officers have now increased their responsibilities to protect the health and safety of our staff and the public. We appreciate their continued commitment and commitment to loyalty, vigilance and support.

The three graduates have previously served as unarmed security officers in the WVDP. The course includes weapons skills, defense techniques, energy use, first aid and injury prevention, improved explosives and bomb training, parking, DOE tactical doctrine, fitness and other important study courses.

Sheriff Timothy Whitcom said: “Training with the security officer was a simple decision to cooperate with the WVDP.” We have partnered with them in the past and look forward to future opportunities to work together to protect the site, its staff and the public.

The Sheriff’s Office Training Coordinator, Bomb Technician and Special Response Team assisted in the training.

“We recognize and celebrate this ongoing partnership and its achievements,” said Anthony Lechansky, WVDP’s acting security chief. “Over the past two weeks, our leaders have trained, nurtured, educated these workers and shown that this group has what it needs at every level. Thanks to the efforts of this small group of individuals, I humbly ‘thank you’ and look forward to the future. ”

CHBWV Protection and Security Manager Dave Shukuman said it was important for the WVDP management team to recognize the graduates and be grateful for their efforts.

“This training has motivated these recruits mentally and physically, and we applaud them for their determination and perseverance,” he said.


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