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See what happens The wind blew for today: Read the list She broke the youngest world fishing record, Read about it all New sidewalks in Evansville, And see The line lined up to dance with the stars in Casper!

Casper must see a High 86 ° F With today Lots of fun sunlight. That Windy Coming from NNW 10 to 15 miles.

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Daily update

Caroline May Evans holds the Golden Train for girls in the IGFA “Smallfry” category. (IGFA, Twitter)

The 4-year-old broke the world record

Caroline May Evans Arrested a Two pounds of golden trout And b International Game and Fishing Association Female small fruit record. If she is officially approved, b The biggest golden trout for all those under 10 years of age. Meaning, she beats everyone, including men of all ages. Woot woot for girl power!

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On Evansville Street, Texas, where the community wants to continue building sidewalks with help (Google Street View)

Pedestrians in Evansville?

Did you notice? Lack of sidewalks in Evansville? Well, it’s the city Seeking help To build sidewalks! They want to build sidewalks Running north and south to Evansville Elementary School. This means that children can travel there easily and safely.

Find the list here!

Dance couple to dance with the stars (donated by the Mercer family)

Do you know Casper’s STARS?

Dancing with the Casper stars announced their Dancers and Judges For this year. All of these amazing people enjoy the fun City of Casper On them Annual fundraising event At Ford Wyoming Center. They know they will be on one of these celebrities Stage? See Full lineup here!

Check out the dancers and stars here!

Windy job details

Campus Services I

Casper College a Full-time Campus Services I Who performs General functions Related to movement and configuration Furniture, equipment and supplies for all campus environments / events, And he does it all with respect Casper College and Organ Plant Policies And processes.

Theater and Dance Department Specialist

Casper College a Full-time theater and dance specialist Who proves Soft daily activity In all office functions Class Including in the box office, however, is not limited Sales and coordination, Public Relations Obligations, Schedules, and Priestly Obligations.

Director of Emergency Medical Services Education Program

Casper College a Director of Overtime Emergency Medical Services Education Program Whose basic responsibilities are Facilitate learning experiences In some job training laboratories and simulation settings.

Teacher at the Castle Adult Education Center (CALC)

Casper College a A full-time professional Castell Adult Education Center (CALC) teacher Teaches lessons for adult students Appropriate teaching methods, Prepares teaching materials, Achieves student growth, Prepares standardized tests and reports results; Holds accurate records, Takes a new student direction, Participates in training and meetings, Receives and maintains certificates, and Conducts destination.

Preschool Teacher Assistant

Casper College a Part-time preschool teacher assistant B Early Childhood Education Center Who helps the teacher During daily activities. This area is covered by a Absence from the teacher, study, kitchen assistant or student teacher.

Automotive Technician

Midas is looking for an automotive center Full-time automotive technician Has Five years of experience With all aspects Auto-repair.

See more job details (and learn how to post your job vacancies on the Oil City job board) over here!

Take a look at the latest Brazi events this week in our personalized community calendar! This week we got it WCDA Summer Markets at David Street Station, Back to the school carnival, Wyoming Symphony Orchestra 4th Annual Pop at the Park Concert, Randy Burgard To live on Beacon Club, And Wing Ding. Watch all these events here!

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