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All you need to know about Sunday’s competition is the NASCAR Cup Series event, which pays for the 2421 points for the 2021 season.

Where: Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course, 2,439 miles in Speedway, Indiana
Exercise: Martin Trumps Junior is the highest in the class
Sunday, 9:05 am ET on CNBC and NBC Sports app
Green flag; 1:13 PM ET
TV / radio NBC / NBC Sports App, IMS Radio and Sirius XM NASCAR Radio
Forecast Mostly sunny, near 80 degrees. According to NOAA.gov, the Northeast winds range from six to nine miles / hour
Grand Marshall Mike Ruhke, Vice President of Corporate Sales, Verzon
Race distance: 82 rounds, 200 miles
Steps: 15 | 35 | 82
Pit-road speed; 40 m / s
Careful car speed; 45 m
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Five to see

Here are five great story lines to follow on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course

1. Is there anything more exciting now than the battle in the Caf series? Kyle Larson He was even dragged along with a long point leader Denny Hamlin After last week’s win over Watkins Glen International. But even if he wins by 2021, the No. 11 man will still manage to stay competitive in the regular season. His consistency has improved so far, but with only three races left, Larson’s turbulent speed really needs to be met. Following Sunday’s race in Indy is a two-race shooter to complete the regular season: Michigan International Highway (Larson should be favored here) and Daytona International Highway (Hamlin should be favored here). Fifteen points are in line with another trophy. Each closed with 917 points, so it will be important to see how things turn out this weekend.

2. Adding to the game’s story line, it is still unbelievable to see the 58-time World Cup winner Kevin Harvik He is locked in a bubble battle with his rivals for the 16th round of bidding. Well (for now), Harvik’s last thing he needs is a new 2021 winner as he grows unexpectedly this weekend. As well as Richard Chelsers racing teammates Tyler Reddick And Austin Dilon They are in a friendly slide to be the last in. Reddyk needs another strong performance to build on the 15-point pillow, which is better than its predecessor in road courses throughout his career. But this weekend, going to a new track based on Dilton’s past victory, this fight is still a no-man’s game. Still, keep an eye on those who may be voting. Check out the full game view here.

3. After a dust storm in Glenn last Sunday Kyle Larson And Christopher Bell, Can we see more stress this weekend? Both drivers are doing well on road courses and are moving in the right direction by going to races. So during the Indy competition, they are more likely to be together in front of the pack at some point. Will pushing lead to running? It can be seen that their dirt-track competition has its first real appearance on asphalt.

4. Don’t forget about the great season Martin Trumps Junior Has. With three wins and a second place in the planned playoffs, the overall performance is as good as anyone’s. It is slightly hidden in the shadow of Hendrik Motorsport Larson and the road course dominance Chase Eliot Truex’s Star Road course resumes. Trumps Junior have won eight of their last 10 road races (including third place in the last three) and eight of their last three wins.

5. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course This season is the fifth new track in the NASCAR Cup program so far – Bristol Motorway Trash, American District, Nashville Superwayway and Road America among others. Up to this point, Chase Eliot He is the only driver to have won many victories in the new venues, unexpectedly winning at COTA and Road America. Will the Defensive Championship series continue its trend this weekend? We already know that he is gifted with road courses and has statistics to support him. He has won six of the last nine road courses and four consecutive top-two finishes. Winning another road course would break Jeff Gordon’s nine-and-a-half-time record with Tony Stewart. It’s not bad to be mentioned next to two NASCAR halls, huh?

Truex Com Powerrankings Hero 922x510The basics of race-day

Our biggest episodes of the week – cover race from all directions.

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Get into action

Do you think you know NASCAR? Test your skills through play, fantasy.

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Learn the new path

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course is NASCAR’s first week. Get acquainted with the track.

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• On a narrow road Screaming here is harder than you think | Listen to why
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Quick facts

Hard-hitting, race-related stats brought to you by racing experts.

Sunday’s race marks the 137th road race in the history of the NASCAR Cup Series.
All three manufacturers – Ford, Chevrolet and Toyota – have won at least five wins this season. Chevrolet has a lot with 12.
The last nine road course races have been won by drivers under the age of 30.
Kyle Larson won two poles in 2021, making him the only driver to win from home.
Kurt Bush has scored four, six or more points in the last six races, including third and fourth.

Grab the package

Read on for all the headlines from the week of Sunday’s competition.

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what are you saying?

The best verses in the sport go to the weekend.

“There is a special vibration in Indianapolis – the story, the fans, the institution. I think it’s good to have a road course this weekend and we all want to say we won the opening event. This week, before I practice in my race (Iowa) on Saturday, I will watch a series of tapes on the course course to get to know myself better. – No. 5 Hendrik Motorsport Chevrolet driver Kyle Larson

Cocord, North Carolina - May 29 - # 99 Campus Chevrolet driver Daniel Suarez, for the NASCAR Cup Series Coca-Coola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway on May 29, 2021 at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina (Photo by Jared C Tilton) |  Getty Images
Jared C. Tilton | Getty Images

“The main focus is to be honest, to change the course and to be ready to go the course. It will be my first race on the highway as a sailor, so I will definitely try to take care of my family and make sure everyone has a chance to go. I have made it clear to everyone, but the task at hand is the race and I will be beautiful in there. They can go to the race and have a good time, but I’m all busy for the weekend. ”- Matt Diabeto No. 21 Ford Mustan Staff Commander Jonathan Hasler

“I love Indianapolis, no matter what its form. Whether in oval or road course, in an Indicar or in a stock car. I like to go there and see many stories. Ironically, the oval in Indianapolis in a Canadian car is like a road race. So now we run on a road course. I love adding more and more road courses. There are many fans who love road course racing and it includes a variety of markets. Whenever we have the opportunity to turn left and right on trackhouse racing, we are better off. This weekend we will have another opportunity in Indianapolis. – No. 99 Track House Racing Team Chevrolet Driver Daniel Suarez

“I have a lot of homework this week to prepare for Saturday and get ready for practice. It will be fun. Going to new tracks is always fun and I also like road courses so it should be good. – No. 19 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota driver on his first trip to Indy Road School Martin Trumps Junior.

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