World’s first national green H2 bid attracts bids from energy, gas, steel and engineering sectors | Refill

Ten companies from different sectors and countries are bidding for the $ 50 million National Green Hydrogen Bid in Chile, showing international interest in producing low-cost and low-cost natural gas.

Prior to the closing of the bid, Italy and France will provide equipment to Italy and France, which will provide up to $ 30 million in project funding. Industrial gas giants Linde and Air Liquid, from Ireland and France; Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), a Danish coastal wind developer and investor; Local steel producer and iron-one mining CAP, and Chile’s LNG terminal GNL Quintero.

Each bid should have at least 10 megawatts of renewable energy projects by the end of 2025.

The average size of the project is about 20 megawatts, according to the Chilean National Economic Development Agency, which won the bid. Today, the world’s largest green-hydrogen plant is the 20-watt Bekankur plant in Air Leak, Quebec, Canada.

The ten planned projects extend from the sunny, desert regions of Antafagasta and Atakama in northern Chile to the southern provinces of Mecca.

Chile is considered to be the best place for green hydrogen production – and the country is among the cheapest wind and solar power in the world, due to the strength and consistency of its sun and wind.

Corfo now evaluates the bids and decides which project will receive funding – and how much – “in the coming months.”

“We are in a global competition to attract our first customers, and that is why this call is so appropriate and will put Chile as a vanguard country,” said Corfo vice-president Pablo Terrazas.

Thanks to the benefits of the world’s largest solar energy and renewable energy resources, Chile is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of green hydrogen. Globally, as with photovoltaic industry.

The other three bidders are Chile Power Plant Emelsa Energia, French 24/7 renewable energy producer Hydrogen de France and domestic investment company Sociedad de Inversion Albatross.

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