Working for more than 15 years, Evansville cuts ribbon on an emergency road on Tuesday

Memorial Road, Evansville New Highway 8/9/21 (Gregory Herst)

CASPER, Wyo – After more than 15 years of planning and trying to raise money, the city of Evansville will open a new highway at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday.

The ceremony will be held on Monday along the Patriotic Road at the new intersection called VA Cemetery Road. To the north of the bridge. From there, the road is about a mile[1 km]east of Metro.

Earlier, the city’s three access points (West Street, Curtis Street and Evans Street) were all crossed by railways.

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“If you get here the chaos that closes the three entrances, how will they get out of the city?” Former Evansville mayor Phil Hinds told Oil City News on Monday. Hindus He said there were those concerns before he came to power in 2005.

There were extensive negotiations between Evansville and the Wyoming Veterans Commission to protect the existing road using the old cemetery. According to Evansville Engineering Consultants WLC Engineering and Service, the options will cost up to 3.1 million. There were also confirmed agreements with the city of Caspar and the state, both of which contained crossroads.

Funding for the $ 975,000 project was finally confirmed in 2017, through the Wyoming Business Council Community Development Blog Grant, and later a $ 475,000 joint venture agreement with Natoro and County. Hans thanked state senators for the grant, approving the funding, and Dru Perkins and Bill Laden.

In addition to emergency access, a mile-long road could serve as a shortcut to the metro, Edwards said. Heins added that Evansville’s fire department is able to respond quickly to the environment.

“They spent a lot of time, blood, sweat and tears [as mayor] To build this road, ”Evansville Mayor Chad Edwards told City on Monday.

The road is called a memorial drive, and there is an agreement between the stakeholders, Edwards.

“Well, for years I’ve been calling him ‘Hins Bolevard,'” he said.

Memorial Road, Evansville New Highway 8/9/21 (Gregory Herst)

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