Woodside in talks to buy $ 20 billion BHP oil, gas assets

Both companies may be asked by financial managers and analysts to explain the potential impact of previous investors’ annual results this week.

Sources say the talks have continued and nothing has been agreed. The companies declined to comment.

Geraldine Salaterry, President of BPP Petroleum.

Analysts have been speculating on possible terms over the past few weeks, as there is a growing link between the review pair. The head of the BP International Petroleum, Geraldine Salary, flew to Perth, where Woodside is located.

After Peter Coleman’s 10-year stint in June, Woods will be looking for a permanent executive. Former ExxonMobil CEO Meg O’Neill, who is leading the development and marketing arm of WoodSide, is the CEO after completing the board search.

With all the reviews on BHP and the pressure of shareholders, with the contribution of the Petroleum Unit to revenues, analysts expect Great Australia to roll out its business to shareholders in the coming years.

For Woodside, analysts’ acquisition of BHP assets could increase the funding and capacity of expansion projects, including Scarbon, in the near future.

“BHP Petroleum simply does not fit into the BPP portfolio or future parallel strategy,” said power analyst Saul Cavonik.

While BHP can find a reasonable buyer for the Gulf of Mexico and Trinidad Petroleum, Woodside will be the main and probably the only reliable buyer for BHP Australia’s oil and gas assets, which could influence Woodside’s thinking.

Combined with BHP Petroleum, Think Think Big Woodside has a significant global LNG, including low-risk geographical vulnerability and growth options. Provides a weighty company. Mexico’s development opportunities. ”

“We expect adequate integration in cost, LNG marketing, portfolio funding and JV alignment,” he said.

City analysts told customers in early August that an agreement would provide additional cash flows to WoodSide Bass Street, and that the company would like to double its stake in the Northwest shelf project.

The big question for analysts is how does the competition support any supply in terms of the large short-term development program and the selldowns already on some of its assets.

The script agreement may consider Woodside Case shares as an estimate for BHP. The company already owns 964 million shares, with a market capitalization of 21.38 billion. The $ 20 billion unusual script agreement doubles its estimated share.

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