Won’t you waste it anymore? Deschutes County wants to use Knott Landfill waste gas – KTVZ

For county, developer and environmental energy, natural gas can ‘win’. It is expected that the garbage can will be filled by 2029

BEND, Ore (KTVZ) – A new project in the Southeast Bend for the Deutschet County Notes land fill proposal will create a win-win situation for the county, landfill users and the environment.

The waste in the landfill creates natural gas. For safety’s sake, that gas will collect and burn every day.

But there may be other options for taking that gas and converting it into renewable natural gas or electricity.

The Deutschets County Department of Dry Waste announced Wednesday that it wants a developer project to take advantage of the nearly 50-year-old waste disposal facility.

Chad Sentola, interim director of the department, said the situation on the landfill could be compared to oil on untouched property.

“If you lived in Oklahoma and you had oil on your property, someone would knock on your door and pay you royalty,” said Sentola. “We have gas here and we are burning it now – we are not getting much benefit.”

“And there are developers out there who are trying to market that and off-site,” he said.

Outside the landfill, there are two natural pipelines from Canada to California, and the Central Electric Cooperative is next to it, making the landfill an ideal place for renewable energy.

“Such a project could prevent inflation for a number of years – in this way the county will receive some indirect financial benefits,” Centola told news channel 21 on Wednesday.

Knott Landfill is expected to reach its full potential in 2029, as it has expanded at Southeast 27th Street for decades.

Even if the garbage can eventually reach capacity, the garbage will still be there – it will constantly generate gas. Whether new waste is added or not, that gas must go somewhere.

“I think the big thing here is the landscape,” Sentola said. “We’re doing a good job here in the trash.”

Centola said it was the first step in the project by asking for recommendations on the January 19 submission deadline.

The county evaluates developers’ ideas and examines various aspects to determine which company is best suited for the project. Sentola estimates that the project will not be completed for another two years.

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