Women’s clothing, accessories boutique opens in Westport

WESTPORT: Four years on at AT, virtual boutique has become a real storefront on government street.

Opened on Friday, the Women’s Clothing and Accessories Store offers DJ designs, stylish, best-branded, “fitting” modern and vintage clothing based on owner DJ Degras.

“I want to help shape a lot of people and build their self-esteem and self-confidence,” Degras said.

The 25-year-old New Bedford native said: “I know this has been very difficult for people over the last year and a half. So I want to help raise more women. ”

Degras’ interest in the fashion world began at an early age. She lives on the west end of Campton Street and wears a doll in a variety of thin clothing. During high school, Degras always said she was “dressed to impress” and was once awarded the “Fashion” Award.

“I learned that this was my intention and my desire,” she said. One day I dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur and running my own business.

Being part of the fashion industry

Degras specializes in fashion design and is involved in fashion shows for New Year’s Eve in New York and assists in modeling, photography and video recording.

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Working as a tailor at Joseph Abdu’d Manufacturing Corporation, Degras continued her studies at Business Management College at Bristol Community College. She is also a visionary in Hannos jewelry.

De'Ja DeGrace recently launched DJ designs at Westport.

I was always looking for more, I have a strong desire to follow what I believe and to succeed. ” “If someone liked something or saw something I had: I was offering to sell it or get it, duplicate it and sell it.

Degrass said she had always been “noisy and noisy” and that she had a reputation in the South Coast community for her driving. “Many people know me,” she said. Or because I did not have a storefront, people knew where to find me.

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