With Anne Arbor’s eyes off gas, DTE Energy is investing billions

AN Arbor, MA – Neighboring, DTE Energy is investing heavily in gas infrastructure in An Arbor, replacing thousands of domestic gas lines.

As a Detroit-based utility company sees gas as part of the future of energy, the Arbor 2030 A2Zero carbon-neutrality plan calls for it to move away from fossil fuels, build residents and businesses in the city, and power all its buildings. 100% Renewable Energy.

While DTE’s investments and Anne Arbor’s nine-year goals are contradictory, the utility retains the new gas pipelines, but local officials are mixed.

“That’s why you have to read between the lines to find out the truth about promising corporations like DTE,” said state representative Joseph Rabbi, D-An Arbor.

On the other hand, they say they are throwing millions into fossil fuels and going to zero on the one hand. It is unfortunate that instead of improving the electrical infrastructure that seems to be a weekly problem for them, the state has recently decided to build our payer to build service infrastructure with fewer interruptions.

Investing in more fossil fuel infrastructure is a good investment to strengthen the power grid and convert it into renewable energy, Rabbi said.

Workers employed by DTE from Corby Energy Services this week replaced an additional gas line at the historic Arbor Old West Side. In some cases, replacement pipes are more than 100 years old.

State officials declined to say how much the current round would cost or how many homes would be covered, and the company did not disclose the cost of new gas lines.

By broad terms, DTE is investing billions of dollars in new gas infrastructure nationwide, and thousands of customers are finding new gas pipelines in Anbar.

Colet Craig Rosso, a spokesman for the state, said: By the end of 2021, DTA plans to upgrade our infrastructure for 4,500 homes in Anne Arbor and complete upgrades for an additional 17,000 customers. ”

The improvements will not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also provide infrastructure for the next generation of energy, including “renewable natural gas” and hydrogen, Ross said.

DTE also plans to invest $ 20 million over the next two years to improve energy efficiency and capacity in parts of the city.

DTA, part of the company’s $ 3.5 billion gas renewal program, is being replaced by more reliable plastic pipes in its service area in Michigan, Ross said.

“These modern pipes will reduce methane emissions by removing 100,000 cars off the road,” he said. Our gas customers can also partner with us by signing up for a natural gas balance program that can compensate for up to 100% of natural gas emissions from their homes and small businesses.

DTE would not recommend for homeowners who want to relocate their homes to consider investing in electricity to equip their homes with the equivalent of the cost of replacing the gas line.

The gas renewal program has been approved by the Michigan Public Service Commission and is a point to discuss money transfer, Ross said. He said the program is part of an agreement with MPSC to ensure system security and reduce methane emissions.

“Therefore, it is required by the government,” Rosso said.

The city’s sustainability office, which is driven by the city’s A2 zero carbon-neutral pressure, declined to comment, and elected officials expressed mixed feelings.

While the city’s goal is to expand electrification and avoid fossil fuels, city officials also want existing gas services to be secure until full electricity is available.

“I’m upset, but I have to measure up if I don’t feel responsible and we can have these failures,” said council member Ali Ramlawi, of the 5th Ward. Stupid one.

Council member Erika Briggs, D-5 Ward, looks at both sides of the issue.

“I would like to see my state invest in clean energy. These replacements are important,” she said. “Due to the age of the infrastructure, the potential for flooding and the population, DTE is my understanding of these lines. These improvements will make our neighborhoods safer. ”

Briggs hopes to make more investments in improving the reliability of electricity services and faster switching to green energy sources, and she likes homeowners’ choice of electricity upgrades and gas upgrades for people who want to go to all the electricity.

DTE is desperate for a clean energy future and is the largest investor in renewable energy in the state, but natural gas plays a key role in providing sustainable security to consumers, providing the necessary safety, reliability and affordability.

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