Winter natural gas prices ‘seem to violate Kansas law’, seeks help for investigation | Kansas reflector

The Kansas Attorney General’s Office is seeking foreign legal assistance this summer to investigate major explosions in natural gas prices.

The Office of the Attorney General, Derrick Schmidt, said in a statement Monday that it plans to hire a law firm specializing in natural gas market and assist in the rest of the investigation and “any civil litigation.” The office has been working since February to determine whether high prices violate Kansas anti-profit law.

When a state of emergency is declared, state law prohibits ‘inappropriate’ increases in prices for ‘essential’ goods and services, and they may appear to be violating Kansas law. ” In a complex natural gas market, more resources and skills are needed.

In February, after temperatures in the Middle West have cooled for days. In Kansas City, the temperature remained below 15 degrees for 10 days. Particularly at the time, the ongoing cold heat in Texas was putting pressure on the grid to force utilities, including virginity, to avoid uncontrolled damage.

However, the cold has more than doubled the price of natural gas, which normally pays for natural gas. Kansas Gas and Electric Utilities have submitted plans with regulators to transfer those overpriced natural gas costs to customers.

Last week, the Kansas Corporation Commission asked for a lawyer to disclose the names of their suppliers, despite a request from a lawyer who refused to file a lawsuit and seek evidence from the National Natural Gas Index. Consumers are charged.

Kansas’s largest natural gas utility, Kansas Gas Service, has proposed a $ 451 million recovery in natural gas and a five-, seven- or 10-year-old cost of $ 5 to $ 11 a month.

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