Wind – Rain + Thursday = Comfortable meal day


Look! It’s really raining! Boy, is it raining in Wyoming (though An event does not happen very often)! With Climate change, Will definitely make me hungry for some comfort food! Soup, mac and cheese, and potatoes, no one? What is your trip? Comfortable food? I was so excited to eat something Nice and warm!

See what happens Wind b Today’s light and local news – read about The chance to live like that is 1864 At the Center for Historic Trails, about Great description of the new Stone Park, And see how you can get involved Turning our one-way streets into two-way streets.

Casper must see a Maximum 71 ° F Rain and thunderstorms this afternoon. is there 80% There may be a chance of rain and some strong winds. That Windy It is expected to come SSE 10 to 15 miles.

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Time for that comfortable meal! | Jeffie

Daily update

(National History Center Foundation, Facebook)

Old-fashioned cooking

Do you like to cook the old style? If so, this is an event for you! as if National Historical Paths Interpretation Center This weekend, you can find food that lives just like you 1864 Military Camp. It will be all sorts Dutch oven for cooking food and desserts. It’s about getting into this event free And it gives you a great opportunity to see what life was like 1864!

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Read all about it here!

(Dan Sepeda, City of Oil)

Great description of the new Stone Park!

This weekend at River Festival, Of New Stone Park There will be great revelation! The River Festival is a fundraiser to improve Community tracks Throughout Casper. The new Stone Park has three to ten feet high rocks Introducing a new rock climbing park. This will be yours First chance to get out To Node Park on these amazing new additions!

Check out the story here!

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No more one-way street?

Kasper Area Metropolitan Planning Organization It requires public opinion on whether the streets of the city should be changed One-way streets to two-way streets. They are conducting a study to see how many people are expected This change. You can also submit Your thoughts on the August 31 open house! For details, see the link below.

See how you can get involved here!

Windy job details

Teacher at the Castle Adult Education Center (CALC)

Casper College a A full-time professional Castell Adult Education Center (CALC) teacher Teaches lessons for adult students Appropriate teaching methods, Prepares teaching materials, Achieves student growth, Prepares standardized tests and reports results; Holds accurate records, Takes a new student direction, Participates in training and meetings, Receives and maintains certificates, and Conducts destination.

Preschool Teacher Assistant

Casper College a Part-time preschool teacher assistant B Early Childhood Education Center Who helps the teacher During daily activities. This area is covered by a Absence from the teacher, study, kitchen assistant or student teacher.

Simulation Assistant

Casper College a Part-time simulation assistant B Health Science Simulation Center, Who proves Soft daily activity Pretend activities, including IT support and assigned duties. this is 19 hours a week Position.

Bus driver

Casper College a Overtime bus driver to the Safe transportation of students and / or staff To and from various places In the state and sometimes out of territory Includes activities for Casper College, sports and / or academic events, etc.

Library Assistant – Blood Transfusion

Natrona County Library A is looking for Full-time Library Assistant: Blood circulation Who is responsible for providing customer service Including to library customers Examining books inside and out, Processing materials questions, and Keep items in reserve.

Take a look at the latest Brazi events this week in our personalized community calendar! This week we had Shawn Steamali, a small golf course and a river festival. Check out all those events here!

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Be dry today, Casper!

I wish you the best of luck Brezie Gals,
Kelly and Tyler

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