Wind – Marsk Training has invested 60 60,000 in the heart of pure energy journalism at Newcastle Training Center – Renewable Energy Magazine.

The installation of a new technical workshop means that the center can offer courses in basic security and technical training as well as provide advanced technical training.

In addition, as the first training center recognized by the International Wind Farm (GOO) in the UK, the Newcastle station is specially designed to train participants in Dogger Bank Wind Farm, the world’s largest wind farm.

Providing all five GWO Basic Safety Training (BST) and GWO Basic Safety Training (BSTR) modules, MTUK has a bespoke hub rescue facility that provides practical training for those seeking access to terminal and wind turbine units. (WTG) and how to rescue victims from these areas. Using sophisticated, open water GWO Marine Survival courses, it provides delegates with as much practical experience as possible.

All courses and facilities are designed to ensure direct training between subjects in order to ensure that the training at the center will support existing energy companies in the current climate and in the future.

Caluk Dewar, UK operations manager at MTUK, said: Working in an industry that aspires to be creative and forward-thinking, we believe in the changes that have taken place at the center, accepting this thinking and providing the highest quality training and resources that our customers expect from us.

By the way, without forgetting our historical connection between oil and gas, we wanted to take advantage of opportunities such as the Dogger Bank.

MTUK has also invested in e-learning courses and increased its digital supply. This includes upgrading the Training Management Service (TMS) to enable MTUK to provide an effective and safe solution for proxy training.

Devi added, “Covi-19 has seen changes as part of our day-to-day operations and the way people respond to technology. The epidemic has accelerated our transition to digital training, and as a result we have invested in the technology needed to provide our services to organizations digitally. Using state-of-the-art technology to manage training needs will enable us to continue to provide a five-star service with a strong partnership with our customers.

In addition to improving training facilities, the MTUK Newcastle Center will also include a new commercial kitchen in the UK catering company, Anteer and office space to provide business concept education and training.


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