Wind Farm Company sues DeWitt County

CLINTON – The wind farm, which is building David’s first wind farm, is suing the county and zonal administrator for “refusing” construction permits.

Mendamos’ case was filed this month in the 6th District Court in the name of Alta Farms Wind Project II LLC.

Alta Farms stated in court documents that David County “has no legal or tangible basis for refusing to issue a permit for these wind turbines.”

Defendants ‘Response to the Defendants’ Response to Lans Neylan on Tuesday The county has not yet granted additional permits, but has denied the allegations. The lawsuit was filed about three weeks after the David County Board of Directors voted to suspend the construction of the wind farm.

Neillan and Chicago attorney James Griffin, who represents Alta Farms, could not be reached for comment. Unable to get comments from David County Administrator and Zonal Administrative Offices.

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On July 14, 2020, the David County Board approved the 200-megawatt wind farm project in the presence of 250 people, including many who opposed the project. The plan calls for the construction of 66 turbines in three northwestern cities near Weinsville and Wapela.

Alta Farms has applied for a license for 57 turbines on November 5, of which 30 have been issued.

The lawsuit requires 15 additional permits.

Alta Farms’s parent company, Anneel Green Power, voted on July 22 to suspend the construction of the David County Board until the board showed its license to automatically delay or stop the turbines in severe weather.

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Hiding the turbines can reduce Doppler radar interference during rain and storm.

Alta Farms “continue to suffer daily until such licenses are issued” and “non-licensing” licenses have caused significant damage due to construction delays.

Defendants denied causing harm, injury, and delay, and Alta Farms stated in a written response that they “had a clear right to grant their licenses.”

The arrival of Alta Farms this month is due to the fact that the project is already in the midst of legal battles.

Five months ago, two charges against Anel Green Power in North America were dropped by a District Court judge.

Those charges were filed by 69 constituencies against the project, and David County, the David County Board, and each of its members were called in to try to stop the project from progressing. The charges were dropped within five months.

Alta Farms Wind Project II LLC is based in Linz, Kansas and is based in Italy and is owned by Massachusetts-based Enell Green Power North America Inc.


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