Wind blasts, surprisingly, wind farms help to increase power generation

Wind turbines may seem counterintuitive to increase wind turbine performance. But physicists say that low walls of wind can help wind farms produce more energy.

Scientists already know that a wind turbine output can be improved by wind protection. As the wind blows slowly, the speed of the wind approaches the ground, above the height of the wind, as the wind speeds up. But there is an obstacle for large wind farms. As the wind blows through the turbines, it slows the flow of air. That may indicate that wind turbines are washing for wind farms with many turbines.

But by balancing between these competitive results, the windmills in front of each turbine could increase power generation, new computer simulations suggest. It goes down to the dimensions of the windmills. Square, wide barriers are the way to a wind farm like a six-row turbine. To facilitate performance, physicists say on July 30 that the turbine must be ten times the height and at least five times wider. Physical assessment fluids. Researchers have found that such an arrangement can increase total energy by up to 10 percent. This equals an average of 10 turbines per wind farm.

In the examples, the wind always comes from the same direction, suggesting that this method can be useful on roads such as coastal areas. Future studies could examine how this method can be applied in areas where wind direction is variable.

Scientists have discovered that wind turbines have improved the overall energy output of 24 wind turbines. Wind-generated vibrations appear in dark blue, and the turbines are light blue.El Lee and RJ Stevens /Physical assessment fluids 2021, Illustrations by Srinidi N Gadde

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