Wilmington’s football game against Oil City is over

September 7 – Wilmington’s top soccer team may have a longer break than originally expected.

The Greyon game was played on Monday at 7 a.m. on the road to Oil City. The Oils had a coviary epidemic in their program, prompting the cancellation.

“Oil City called and canceled the game,” said Wilmington Athletic Director Brandy Sanford. We are actively looking for a game for this week, we hope we get a good response.

“We had practice this morning for the game against Oil City,” said Graywood coach Brandon Fillian. Shortly after noon, about an hour after the rehearsal, Brandy Sanford shared the news of the game.

I speak to the players and coaches alike, we are very sad to hear that news. We send our thoughts and prayers to the City of Oil. We hope the symptoms are mild and that everyone will recover quickly. Find an opponent. “

The Oilers (1-1) lost to General Maklane, 33-12, in the oil field last week at the newly renovated Grass Stadium, Conneaut, 38-18.

Oil City is a member of District 10, Region, 5-4A, and Wilmington will compete in District 10, Region 1-2a.

The Greyhounds are looking for an opponent to fill this week’s void. They are seen not only in Pennsylvania but also in Ohio.

“We are now trying to find teams with open days,” says Philian. We are working with our contacts. We will try to see who is open this week and we are trying to connect with those schools.

We are willing to host or go on the road, we are trying to connect with the teams and coordinate a game.

Philiana said there is no set time for this week’s opposition.

“At this time, we are open to all opportunities,” he said. We will do our best to explore this situation.

The Greyhounds were scheduled to play at West Midwest last Friday, according to the pre-season schedule. But that game was shattered when West Middlesx and Sharpsville formed an official partnership earlier this month.

“We were sad last week when we met last week,” says Philian. The boys were eager to play that game (with Oil City). It is definitely frustrating. However, we will continue to focus on our vision and circumstances.

That cancer left Wilmington looking for a game last week. Efforts by the school to find a replacement failed and Grayhouse had a break last week.

Wilmington started the season with a 50-0 home win over Reynolds on August 27. The next program for Greaveswood is scheduled for September 18 at Greenville in District 10, Region 1-2A / 3A.

“I think getting two weeks is a big challenge,” says Philian. “With a week off, I applauded our players and coaching staff. We did our best last week.

“I think we have improved as a team. We need game agents, especially for our team. With that in mind, we want to find a game. We don’t waste time planning a second peace. We will continue to move in that direction.”


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