Why Men Should Take Women’s Studies Lessons

The crucial importance of gender education in Siciner men

“I̶t̶’̶s̶ ̶j̶u̶s̶t̶ ̶a̶ ̶j̶o̶k̶e̶.”

Sexual assault

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The sign on the printer on the first floor of the GLC: which often stops replacing “jokes” with “sexual harassment” – was damaged by some skipped child in a shameful attempt. Although a few years ago it was a reference to the old meme in its surprisingly poor taste, the implication of the sentence was very clear.

There is no dancing around, Hamlin has a problem with disagreement.

Historically, a large percentage of all misdeeds have not been able to return to the Sigander population. This does not mean that other demographics cannot be wrong, but that the source of the problem lies with them.

Hamline has gaps in curriculum – women’s and gender studies, women’s resource centers, and gender policy misogyny, but the problem is that men are far behind.

One can explain why there are so few men in these places by name.

I think it’s called a women’s study, so men don’t seem to agree. ‘Why do you learn about women when you’re a boy?’ They think so. ” Chief of Women and Gender Studies OFF Zamacona.

While the study of women’s and gender studies has recently been renamed, there is still a misconception that education is not for men.

And while there are men in the gaps, discomfort can lead to a lack of participation.

“Cicero men never speak,” said Kelen Androski, chief of senior women’s and gender studies.

Much of this discomfort can be attributed to the stigma attached to women and gender studies.

I think in today’s society any woman with such a distorted belief or a person who takes a gender education course or is proud to be a feminist will only humiliate men… Like ‘f * ck you’ [men] I stopped even thinking about being a part of it, ”says Androski.

Although this belief is imaginary, it is not the responsibility of men to make sex comfortable. Even discomfort can be productive.
“Embrace the stress and it will disappear,” says Jane Ingland, an assistant professor and director of the Center for Women’s Resources at the English Department.

The question remains: How can gender education better reach Cicero men to meet their demographic needs without compromising the curriculum and changing the place?

I think the best way to reach people who are not enrolled in sex education is to integrate gender modules with other types of classes.

Considering the versatility of the field, the inclusion of gender education in all classes is an excellent step and is entirely possible.

But why stop there? Gender education should be normal, expected, even compulsory.

“I have always wanted a letter from Women and Gender Studies on Hamlin’s plan,” says Androski.

It is not an unreasonable question. With diversity credit – responsible for gender studies – it covers everything from renewable energy to Russian literature, in fact there is nothing to motivate students to take lessons in the field.

Ideally, our gender education system will be completely improved from elementary school onwards. Unfortunately, such a change takes time and, as described in the damaged leaflet, we do not have that luxury.

“Women are a big part of men’s daily lives, so if you don’t know how we are systematically affected, it’s hard for you not to be part of this problem,” Zamako said.

Persistent gender inequality is the responsibility of all of us, and it requires learning. So if you are a person who does not intend to learn about women and gender, think of some serious ideas. Thank you for the future.

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