Why engineers are key to a sustainable future

The transition of thought

It was a question from her son that led her to stockpile Crimea after giving up her career to explore sustainable energy. Will the technologies she has developed, such as solar energy, solve the problem?

Cromedic: “I had to answer honestly, and I told them, no.

“Our work on sustainability was part of the business as usual and did not change the direction of high risk. All we had to do was change what we were doing. ”

Instead of continuing to work on ‘sustainable’ projects, transition engineering engineers have a responsibility to reduce fossil fuel production and use it as part of their day-to-day operations – in all industries and projects.

Kramdik says that it is a perfect profession, not only because of technical skills, but also because engineers need to learn from past mistakes.

“You may have policies that help, but the reality is that engineering systems for producing and consuming fossil fuels are in a state of disrepair, and in engineering, when we have an unforeseen failure, we will fix it,” she said.

“For example, when an error is detected on a vehicle model, the vehicle is remembered and an engineering correction is applied. You don’t say things like, ‘Consumers don’t have to turn right if we don’t want to die from this misguided driving style, and politicians have to pay taxes for turning right.’

Kremdix added: “Transition engineering will have a huge impact.

If enough people do the transition training, the education, we will start to see change in a few short years.

Engineers also have something powerful – from the community’s belief.

“It’s a great resource, it’s something we can use,” she said.

Change engineering, change the future.

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