Why are Luckermers mistaken for global warming?

as if David K. Johnson, Ph.D., King’s College

Of all those who deny global warming, people who are exhausted may at least be wrong. Lucwarmers acknowledges that climate change is a melting pot of pillars – but that the threat of global warming is exaggerated. Almost all of them are climate scientists, and their arguments involve many failures.

Arctic ice melting image.
Researchers deny that climate change is a concern. (Image – Shutterstock)

Claims of Luke’s Warriors

Lucas argues that global warming is the result of greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2, And climate change. So global warming causes climate change, mankind is responsible, and they agree that there is scientific agreement. Luke denies that climate change is a matter of concern and that there is scientific consensus on that issue.

As a result, they think that people are reacting too much. Suggested solutions have far-reaching consequences. The temperature will not be so low, and the effects of climate change will not be so bad. But taxing fossil fuels and environmental regulations could cost companies billions of dollars, make energy less accessible to the poor, and cause global collapse.

Image of hands waiting for water.
Lucas argues that global warming could lead to global collapse. (Image: Piyaset / Shutterstock)

Luke’s warriors are often liberals who honor Savior Smith, but they ignore warnings about the shortcomings of free markets. They think that government rules always make things worse and that freedom and free markets always make things better.

Smith spoke of concepts such as Las Vegas-Fire and the “invisible hand” that could lead to economic prosperity if left unchecked. Researchers apply the same logic to society and the environment; Interventions – social engineering or environmental engineering – can make things worse. Leave the system alone, and it will work for your good.

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Are all scientists the same?

One of the most controversial issues facing scientists is whether humans are responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. For example, 31,000 scientists have signed a petition claiming that climate change is ecological: “There is no convincing scientific evidence.” But what about being a related professional? Just because one person is an expert in one thing does not mean that he is an expert in another.

Biology and medicine are related, but if I break my leg I will not go to a biologist. I do not have to cross the bridge designed by a climate scientist, nor do I have to believe an engineer’s weather forecasts. They do not have the necessary skills to accurately understand climate data, evaluate evidence, and make accurate predictions. Citing an unqualified person as a reason to suspect climate change, an incompetent official commits what is called an appeal.

It is estimated that of the 31,000 scientists who signed the petition, most were engineers – exactly 10,000. There were 6,000 in medicine or biology, 5,000 chemists – but not climate scientists.

Some artificial climate coordinators are meteorologists, as co-founders Weather channel John Coleman. But meteorologists study the weather, not the weather. Climate People are able to predict the weather beyond 10 days, but not for the next few decades and centuries. Both fields of medicine and biology are related, but one profession does not translate into another.

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Their arguments include many failures

Evidence of this can be seen in their arguments. Some apostates point to global warming as a result of the sun. However, a) the sun is not warming, and b) it is warming the entire atmosphere, but only the lower parts of the atmosphere where greenhouse gases are located.

A digital map of the world showing climate change.
When it comes to interpreting climate change, it is best to leave it to the experts involved. (Image: Shutterstock)

Others say it is not artificial because 95 percent of CO2 It is released annually by natural forces such as volcanoes, oceans, and the respiration of plants and animals.

But this takes a real dimension out of context and ignores others to support wrong conclusions. It is true that some natural processes contain 95 percent CO2 It is released every year, but other natural processes take on the same effect, with the net effect of natural forces being zero.

But people keep it out of the way, so humans make up 100 percent of the CO’s emissions in the atmosphere2. That’s why people refer them to relevant professionals. If a person does not know all the evidence and does not have the necessary knowledge and knowledge to interpret it, they will make such mistakes.

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Impact of global warming on the economy

Another common misconception is that one category incorrectly uses resources on one thing and only on another. In this case, it is assumed that Smith’s Las Vegas-equitable approach applies to the economy as well as to the environment. It does not.

About physical resources, uncontrolled, individual actors use them for short-term gain and ultimately ruin the wealth for all in the long run. This event has a name – a common tragedy – and is especially urgent for the environment as negative impacts are so far ahead.

And measures to prevent global warming will not lead to a global collapse. In fact, switching to clean energy sources would create a whole new industry, generate billions in revenue, and, according to economist Robert Pollin, create nearly 1.7 million jobs in every sector of the economy. It does not harm the poor and leads to failure. It really helps the poor and promotes economic growth.

Luxemers Common questions about the effects of global warming are wrong

Q: What do you think will happen to the economy if global warming is done?

Of Results global warming, They believe, is nothing compared to the results of trying to stop global warming. They think that it can be devastating, especially in the economic sphere.

Q: How can the claim that global warming is caused by the sun be rejected?

The sun is not setting and warming up. If so, then the earth’s temperature would rise in the upper layers of the atmosphere, but the rise could only be seen in the lower layers. Greenhouse gases. Therefore, the sun is not responsible for its effects global warming.

Question – 95% CO2 It is released every year by the forces of nature, so why do people worry about how to stop it?

Because nature has the means to deal with that 95 percent. But CO2 What people create will remain there. The reality is that people are responsible Results global warming And it is not natural.

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