Whitefish City Council candidate Terry Peterson

Terry Peterson is one of eight candidates for the Whitefish City Council seat. The others are Ben Davis, Andy Ferry, Christton Riter, Phil Boland, Vincent del Omo, Judy Hessandend and Giuseppe Caltabian. Mark Owens’ name will also appear on the ballot in November, but he told the Daily Inter that he was no longer running for personal reasons.

Name: Theresa “Terry” Peterson

Age: 83

Family: Married, three daughters, nine grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Profession Retired.

Background: He served in the U.S. Air Force and taught high school and college courses. He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and biology and a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Montana, and a master’s degree in clinical laboratory studies from Michigan State University. He holds a doctorate in biochemistry from Montana State University. Teaching licenses were granted in Montana, New York, and California. Written for Bear Pan Sentnel newspaper in Havre. Voluntarily by the Hill County Economic Development and Zonal Discrimination Committees, as well as the Havre Area Chamber of Commerce, the Whitefish Library Association, the Montana Clinical Laboratory Management Association, and the Hare-Area 4-H and Women’s Scouts Clubs.

Why do you want to serve on Whitefish City Council?

It is the desire of all members of our community for our residents to be willing to serve on a variety of committees and activities, bringing power, experience, visions and enthusiasm to Whitefish, MT. I have traveled, I have worked, I have raised a family and we have always tried to make the places we call home a good place to live, listening to that tradition, communicating, working, asking questions, seeing progress and planning.

How does the city deal with the housing shortage at an affordable price, while leading responsible growth and development?

Basically, it is the commitment of the “Board” of all concerned. Committee and City Comments, Business, Neighborhoods, Traffic Alignment, Land Owners, Builders, Impact of Utilities, School Facilities, Safety and Media Promotion. How long does a reasonable price last? Who decides on a reasonable price? What does affordable housing look like? Will it last? The new housing recruits will be around… Who will be taller … the building or the people? Is sustainability a healthy solution for healthy white fish?

As a councilor, how do you prioritize the implementation of the city’s climate action plan?

Any change costs money and when you list items for awareness items become number 1 and then number 10. No. 1 to 10 can’t leave the door at the same time? Are we immediately focused on what we need to focus on, or are we driving the next wave with a loud bang? Safety is a priority for all ages, from school children and buses to the elderly to meet daily activities and responsibilities. Climate change should be on our list, but it does not guide my list.

One step in the November vote will require voters to renew the Whitefish 3% entertainment tax. Should the measure pass?

When people hear the word “tax,” the first instinct is to suppress the pronunciation of the word, and some people whisper in the context of the election. When we open the sink, shower or shower in the wet or flush the toilet, there is additional built-in pressure. Multiply by%% of the people who are added to that daily routine. We have used the extra income for some improvements in our city while waiting for the tax to be paid. Tourists and visitors pay taxes when they share our city, but we are still in a safe zone. With taxable goods. My suggestion is to learn to live in a ‘cottage or budget property’ and not to jump on the ‘Gravy train increase’ in current tourist trends.

How should city officials continue to lead the Covenant-19 epidemic?

Obviously in my career and background, I say follow science አያ Don’t edit to fit a different opinion. Of course, there are legal reasons for not getting the vaccine, this is where your provider enters – not Gender. When the influenza vaccine was given, they warned of a possible reaction to the shot because the microwave was in the culture of the eggs: the egg yolk, which stimulates people exposed to certain inflammatory agents. When my generation was in elementary school, we [received] Many vaccines and most have not been treated for polio or skin diseases and smallpox. Some religions also have restrictions on vaccinations, and that is protected by our constitution.

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