Where to Play Golf in Pinhorst, ACC – Pinehurst Resort, Pine Needles, Medium Pines, Tobacco Road and more

We have proven that there is a lot of good public golf around Pinhorst. Classic courses. Modern courses. Draft layouts. Big and bold tracks. Everything is in Sandhills.

Dormi Club in North Carolina (courtesy of Dormi Network)

And if you have your own, there are many private layouts. On this trip, I sampled two such clubs: the Dormity Club and the North Carolina National Club. These two provide a great opportunity to compare and contrast local offerings.

The Dormie Club, ranked No. 10 among North Carolina’s best private golf courses, was designed by Pond and Crash and It opened in 2010. Following the market crash before Dormi’s opening, the club struggled for years with money and property. It is the same symbol for the National Club Network, which allows members of the Dormie Network to play any network courses in 2017. The new owners have significantly improved course conditions by adding cottages, club houses and a professor shop. The club became completely private this year.

The course blends in well with the small, well-established pond and approach to the architecture. On the opposite side of the building on the tobacco road, Dormi Club is relatively flat on the ground, using as much subtle geographical features as possible. The bakeries are naturally swampy, and the highways are often filled with exposed sand.

North Carolina Dogwood Country Club

Dougwood Course at Pinhorst (North Carolina National Club / Kevin Murray)

At the North Carolina Club, the Dougwood course, on the other hand, is more lush in approach. A.D. Built in 1963 by Ellis Maples and Willard Byrd, Dougwood offers unique playing conditions for its 2016 renewed membership in Chris Spain.

Dougwood’s relatively wide highways are rough, unlike the sand exposed by Dormi and many other Pinnacle-area courses. Located in many ponds and lakes, it is located between high-rise buildings, providing a relaxed and comfortable environment. Depending on the ticket boxes selected, it can be as hard or easy to play as you want.

The North Carolina Club has become a popular destination for popular competitions, including the USAAGA Championships. Hull Sutton won the American Amateur in 1980, and Doris Chen won the 2010 U.S. Girls Junior. USAG.A. Back in 2021, Nicholas Dunlap won the US Junior Amateur. The North Carolina club has also hosted many popular South Amaters, who grew up playing for the club as far as Web Simpson.

The recent junior amateur also showed the North Carolina Cardinal course in the championship draw. Nine holes were drilled in 1970 by Willard Byrd and Robert Trent Jones, and the second was completed in 1981. The presence of 36 holes in the club gives them many opportunities to get the biggest membership.

Dormi Club

Dormi Club in North Carolina (courtesy of Dormi Network)

The Dormi Club and the North Carolina Club share some similarities: tall pines, rolling terrain, clever water hazards. But they are very different in the minds of others, Dormie’s deliberately calm, bare-bones position that encourages a little ground play, CCNC. They are both perfect, just in different ways.

And that’s one of the joys of the Pinnacle area as a whole. There is more, than the first timer could have guessed. Public Access Golf. Private golf. History meets modernity. He walks through many advanced tools, but always swinging the past. It is an American golf course, and there is no such place.


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