When the green energy industry returns from the epidemic, career opportunities and job training will be on Long Island

Pharmangdale, New York (CBS New York) – Skills are growing in green energy, and there are new opportunities to learn the ropes to join the growing workforce.

At the Net-Zero Energy Center on the shores of Jones Beach, solar panels heat and cool the electric and geothermal wells. The institute will soon train new green energy workers, CBS2 Caroline Gusuf reported Tuesday.

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“I want to start with solar panels and wind turbines and try and learn as much as I can to see which one I like and how to go up. That is not a job, that is a profession, ”said trainee Nashim Nero.

At the time of the outbreak, New York had the highest number of jobs available. He is now constantly improving, providing professional opportunities while helping the environment.

“It’s a really exciting time for young people to get involved in green energy, high-performance housing, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and beach wind. There are many opportunities. It’s really like a new era. ”

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That’s why the United States is launching a power-up to train youth, veterans and the unemployed on Long Island, the forefront of climate change and high altitude.

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“If we think about climate change and the future of the world and the end of fossil fuels, then 20 or 50 years later, this is where jobs will be,” Bob Bobson said. President of the Bank of America Long Island.

New York By 2040, 100% of the carbon-free electricity grid is to be targeted, and work is needed to revive that green economy.

Farmingdale State College is the first New York State University to offer new programs in wind turbine technology and sustainable energy.

“This turbine manufacturer, especially GG renewers, is very well suited to those who want to hire wind turbines as a job and maintenance technician,” said Dean Marjaneh Issa, co-founder of Farmingdale State.

And surprisingly, a strong background in mathematics and science is not a prerequisite. The programs train you for your first job.

The United Way program begins October 4. There will be five coaches for 100 students each year. Interested participants can learn more by clicking here.

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For more information on Farmingdale State College programs, please click here.


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