When closing coal plants, the preservative marks the subsurface power

A In the next quarter of a century, a two-page plan for the state of Illinois was enacted after Governor JB Preszker signed a 1,000-page bill.

Priscilla has been pushing for more reliance on renewable energy since its inception. On Wednesday, he signed Senate Bill 2408 in Chicago.

“Extreme weather events are very common,” he said.

Before signing the bill, Priscilla said, “What we can do, we should do, and what Illinois is doing for climate and fair labor law is to stop and even change.”

The law will close coal mines by 2045 when the five-year subsidy subsidy for nuclear power plants reaches $ 700 million. However, Exelon’s control is crucial for Sen. Michael Hastings, de Frankfurt.

Hastings said: “They are subject to some of the most profound moral standards ever to influence the public utility industry.

A.D. In 2020, the comedian, Exelon subsidiary, entered into a memorandum of understanding with federal prosecutors. The facility has agreed to pay former councilor Michael Madigan’s co-workers for money and work to gain favor with Madigan. Com-Ed has agreed to pay a $ 200 million fine and to cooperate in the investigation. Madigan has pleaded not guilty and has not been charged.

State Representative Adam Nimerg, R-Dietrick, all likened it to a higher tax increase.

“Over the next 30 years, the sun will be $ 18 billion,” says Nimerg. “All of this is subsidized by us. All of this is going to come out of our pockets. ”

Other dissidents are concerned about domain issues that would allow private companies to take farmland to Illinois without any benefit.

However, some Republicans, such as Republican David Welter and state senator Su Rezin, supported the bill, which plans to shut down thousands of jobs, including Morris nuclear power plants.

In other states, employers have cheaper energy, and Nimerg’s shutdown of coal and natural gas costs a lot of work. He did not mince words in protest of the bill, and the story shifted from the threat of ozone to global warming, doomsday, and climate change.

Think about it, he just has a lot of money and he constantly says, “Oh, we’ve got another five years, we have another ten years. Oh Dang, I didn’t meet those criteria. “Guys, it’s a scam. It is a fraud. ”

Various business groups, including the Illinois Chamber of Commerce and the Illinois Manufacturers Association, have objected to the bill, increasing consumption costs and reliability issues.

Various labor and environmental unions have praised the draft.

“The wait is over, but it’s not our job,” said the Illinois Pure Coalition. We look forward to working with you on this overall climate and fair work plan to ensure that no one is left on the path to a 100% clean energy future in Illinois.

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