What’s new since September 1st

Neighbor contacts. © Gieren Menighen via Unsplash

The beginning of September is the year of the watershed, the return of holidaymakers, and the return of children to school.

Here are some changes that will take effect tomorrow.

Mental Health: People looking for psychological services do not need to go through their GPs at first, but now they can contact the psychologist directly and get treatment for up to 20 sessions, paying only € 11 per session. However, according to press reports, it is still difficult to find medical professionals who are temporarily willing to participate in the system.

Prescription medication; No later than two weeks later, on September 15, it is no longer necessary to go to the doctor for a prescription. From that day on, all prescriptions are based on the patient’s ID card only and will be available to pharmacists and will be available at the Central Database for details of the medication and the last time the medication was given.

Military guards; Six years after the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, the troops disappeared from the streets of Brussels after attacks on Brussels Airport and the Brussels Metro. There were 1,800 troops at the site of the attacks in Malbeck and Zaventem. Since then, the number has dropped to 250 earlier this year. From January 2015 to May 2020, the cost of the surgery was ሚሊዮን 200 million.

Training break; Private sector workers in Flanders are currently entitled to a 250-hour wage for 125 hours of study or training. However, the allowance applies only if the training is provided by the employer. For other courses, the employee is limited to 125 hours, but that can be combined with 125 employer training.

Care leave; Caregivers of a sick relative will be able to see the caregiver from tomorrow until three months later. The term can be divided within a month. In the case of full-time caregivers who require division, the total period is 12 months, each two months.

Filling posts: Anyone who installs an electric car charging station at home will receive a 45% tax deduction per post, up to around € 1,500. The allowance applies to both landlords and tenants. January 1, 2023 will change to 30% and then to 15% per year.

Bank of Argentina; Bank of Argentina does not offer current accounts to Belgian customers outside of the European payment system (EU27 plus Andorra, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, UK, Vatican City, Mayote, St. Pierre). et Michel, Guernsey, Jersey and Man Island). About 700 or more relevant customers have been contacted.

Neighborhood relations; The rules on private property change slightly, it allows you To bring a football or a running puppy From a neighbor’s garden, though, permission must always be sought.

Eco-checks; The range of products that can be paid for by eco-checks has been expanded to include light bulbs using the new EU ABCD rating system. The allowance has been extended to February 28, 2023, using the subsidy A + or A ++ system. The new system has classifications ranging from A to G, good to bad performance.

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