‘We’ve really seen the demand grow’

Minneapolis (WCCO) – At Brian Anderson Plymouth House, many things have changed. He had to set up a home office quickly for his work with the Mediterranean.

From the outside, he decided to install solar panels and encourage the solar house. He can do his own work and share any more.

“In fact, 16 kilowatt hours was sold to the power plant,” Anderson said.

He is not alone. Many people are working from home and paying bills, many people are working on the solar panels.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in demand for solar in all sectors,” said Griffin Dolling, CEO of Blue Horizon Energy and president of the Minnesota Solar Industries Association.

Dolling Company has worked on a variety of solar projects for individuals and communities.

“You’re reducing the amount of energy you have to buy from the utility company, so you’re saving your costs in that regard,” Dolling said. “You are also creating clean energy that does not require fossil fuels, does not require a distribution cable to reach your home, so you are also reducing your energy footprint.”

He said it costs an average of $ 15,000 to $ 25,000 to cover a house with solar panels. Homeowners have to wait a while to get a solar return – it takes five to 15 years to repay that investment.

But there are encouragement and compliments from the state.

Dolling explains: “If you do a project on your home today, you will receive 26% federal investment tax credit, and it should be noted that tax credit reduces your tax liability.

To find out more about sunbathing, here is a list of installations and incentives.


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