Western News – Star Almaana brings ‘joy’ to music

Happiness can be hard to find these days.

But the passion for music – a Western graduate who has been dubbed Nigeria’s greatest music and fashion star – sees happiness as a condition, a matter of choice rather than a matter of circumstances.

And that’s why she is single HappinessA.D. Written two weeks before the onset of the global epidemic in 2020, it became a song for fans of a little hope.

His poems are full of light and optimism, as well as the cries of the weary.

My son is yours /
What do you want to do?
Life in my view /
It’s all about gratitude. ”

Not surprisingly, when I wrote those songs, I often felt optimistic. It’s because I’m trying to be positive, ”says Falana, BA’12. “It’s as if I’m trying to express myself mentally. So it’s a cataclysm. It’s a treat for me. ”

Now it’s time to dump her and move on. stand up.

Kinology to music

While in the West, Victoria was known as Felana, a minor in physiology and psychology.

Falana, a judge at the Western Idol Talent Competition, shifted her energy from her first love of sports – composing and performing – to a beloved soccer player with a torn gray ligament in front of her.

He said the various options in sports, law, disability, business, psychology and marketing have provided a great opportunity for music. “I took a lot of those courses because I didn’t really want to be a singer. And all of these things… apply to the music venue.

While in the West, her influence and mentors also permeated various faculties: Janice Forsit, professor of kinology, and indigenous sports scholar; Jay Hodgson, professor of music studies at Don Wright School of Music. And Anthony Alahar, Professor of Sociology in Caribbean Economic and Political Sociology.

Forrest introduced her to Alahar, who connected him to a music professor at the University of Havana, which allowed her to study music in Cuba for a year – learning Spanish, teaching English, and skating on the island’s unique music scene.

She speaks four languages ​​and plays three instruments in addition to songwriting and vocal talent.

“Know for sure where you are going, sometimes they allow life to change itself. You never know how a degree in kiology will relate to your future music career.

International singer-songwriter Felana, Western Alma, is about to release a new EP. Photo by Savana Baker, Special for Western Relations

Effects of Alchemy

Born and raised in Nigeria, Fela grew up in Toronto. She now lives in Lagos full-time, and your style of music reflects a world-class career.

And she is gaining international acclaim: in 2017, she was named the “best front row star” by Vogue magazine. And the latest profile at Red bull records Falanana’s voice: “All Your Influence Al-Alchemy” ፍ From Afrobit-Like Beats to Rich, Silk’s Sound and Poems of Life and Love. ”

Contributors from Toronto, Jamaica, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Nigeria have contributed to the recent release of unique voices and voices. stand up , She said.

“It is inspired by women’s power and love stories and self-discovery and movement and freedom and happiness.

But it is sometimes interesting to see how my experience fits in with what I have always dreamed of, making music that contains songs that lift you up, remind you who you are and who you can fight. to be.”

She misses the stage, misses performing in public and hopes to return to travel and live shows soon.

There is something really special about being in a room and hearing people’s reactions in real time, then playing that power and connecting with that energy. It feeds me in a way I don’t know – that adrenaline pushes you to be more than you are and pushes you beyond your limits.

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