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Western Australia may be an export powerhouse but the capital Perth is also an ideal place to live, work and study – as Australia’s capital – a unique international research destination. That’s why WA universities have strong international appeal, as well as urban complexity and research innovation – all of which put the student experience at the top of various international standards.

This makes it difficult to choose the right university, and more than half of the students surveyed in Canterbury have a bachelor’s degree (64%) and 51% university admission.

That’s why Canterbury Blue has surveyed more than 160 current students and graduates over the past decade to determine which universities in Western Australia have ranked best. There are many university levels out there, but we wanted to take a different approach by asking students to review their university on issues that are most important to them, including how satisfied they are with their experience.

In our 2021 Student Satisfaction Assessment, we collected ample data from eight public and private universities (rated by local students) in eight categories – quality of education, learning resources, student support, teaching staff, post-graduation opportunities and prospects, social aspects, and overall satisfaction. Please see our method here.

So, which are the top universities in WA for student satisfaction?

Which WA universities are included in our 2021 rankings?

Here are the universities in WA that are included in the Canstar Blue 2021 Student Satisfaction Survey listed below in alphabetical order.

University Places
Curtin University Perth, Calgary and Regional Centers
Edith Cowan University (EC) Perth and Bunberry
University of Western Australia (UWA) Perth and Regional Centers

The most satisfying students – Curtin University

The best universities in WA

Curtin University, a public research university based in Bentley, Perth, is leading the way in evaluating our universities in Western Australia, which is better for overall student satisfaction. Curtin University, the largest university in WA, also received a five-star rating for its academic resources.

Edith Cowan University (ECU), which has campuses in Perth and Bunberry, WA, has graduated five stars in the categories of campus resources and social aspects after graduation in terms of academic excellence, teaching staff, student support, career opportunities and prospects.

What is Curtin University known for?

The Perth University, named after former Prime Minister John Curtin, also has campuses in Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and Mauritius. The university conducts major national and international research projects in data analysis, mining and energy, agriculture, sustainable development, health sciences and astronomy. Curtin University is a member of edX, a provider of mass open online courses (MOOC) at Harvard University and MIT, which allows people from all over the world to study short courses online.

Curtin University ranks ARWU among the top 1% in the world. He has also been awarded a postgraduate degree by the University of Western Australia’s Higher Population University (QILT).

Does Curtin University offer online education?

Curtin University offers a number of courses that can be partially or completely studied online. Students can view Curtin’s website online for a complete list of undergraduate and graduate programs. Some curriculum courses are available through Open Universities Australia (OUA), and Curtin currently offers more than 100 free MOOCs. Studying online with Curtin University is ideal for students who live in the region, interstate or abroad or who are unable to attend campus.

Australian and State University Rankings 2021

Universities in Western Australia

How many universities are there in Western Australia?

There are five universities in Western Australia, all with campuses in Perth and some with regional centers. Four of these institutions – Curtin University, ECU, University of Western Australia (USA) and Mordec University – have been ranked at QS World University Rankings and ARWU World University Rankings. Western Australia has other providers of higher education, such as the Technical and Higher Education (TAFE), the Institute of Technology Engineering and other vocational education and training providers.

Is Curtin University better than the University of Western Australia?

UWA and Curtin University are both public research universities and are highly regarded for academic excellence, innovation and postgraduate achievement. UWA is well known for its courses in the social and agricultural sciences, psychology, education and land and marine sciences. It is ranked in the top 100 universities in the ARS, also known as the Shanghai Rankings in ARWU.

Curtin University, for its part, is recognized for its strengths in teaching and research innovation, particularly in the fields of mining and mining engineering, health, science and hospitality, and tourism management. It is ranked as one of Australia’s best universities for teaching quality, general experience, teaching resources and staffing standards. The QILT Graduation Survey also found that Curtin graduates receive the highest average salary at WA University graduates.

What is the best rated university in Western Australia?

What is the best university in Western Australia?

Our University Rankings Curtin University ranks number one in terms of academic resources and student satisfaction, and ECU also ranks five stars in several key categories.

There are other institutions worth exploring, so be sure to check out other university standards for information on how WA universities maximize their academic excellence, postgraduate scores, and student experience. Other university standards to consider include QS World University Rankings, ARWU and The Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

What should they consider when choosing a university?

Current and past students surveyed in Canterbury were asked to name key reasons for choosing their university. The main factors identified include university reputation, enrollment, and physical location.

  • 47% of university and courses reputation
  • Approved for study application – 47%
  • Location: 43%
  • Facilities (ie, campus facilities, library technology, classrooms, etc.) – 26%
  • Friends or family go to university – 21%
  • Receives Scholarship to Participate – 12%
  • Extracurricular activities (ie colleges, sports and social opportunities, clubs, etc.) -10%

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