Welsh colleges awarded ሚሊዮን 2m for job training in green economy – Energy Live News

The Welsh government has provided 2 2 million in funding for further education colleges in the green economy.

Six colleges share funds to deliver courses, including electric and hybrid vehicles, environmentally friendly heating systems and electric bicycles.

The courses will be part-time and flexible for adults over 19 years of age who have identified levels of training in Level 2 through Level 5 and specific training needs in these areas.

The subsidy is part of the government’s private education accounting program, which supports low-income people in high-income, long-term, well-trained jobs.

“As we step up our efforts to combat climate change, we will continue to work on environmentally friendly transport, and we will continue to work on a green economy,” said Jeremy Miles, Minister of Education and Welsh. Further education Our colleges play an important role in ensuring that there are skilled workers to meet the needs of employers.

If you are worried about the certainty of your job, or if you are on a long-term or zero-hour contract, getting a free private education account will give you the skills and competencies to start a new and rewarding career.

The six colleges are Guerrero College Swansea, Pembrookshir College, Collagen Sir, Group Landrilo Menai, Bridden College and Cardiff and Vale College.

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