‘We’ll burn charcoal on Mars’ – Marjorie Taylor Greene

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindel has promised that the space agency will help turn Mars into a fossil fuel destination.

Washington, DC Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is organizing congressional Republicans to push for Mars’ coal law after the GOP won the by-elections next year after the midterm elections. The ultimate goal is to burn fossil fuels and release the atmosphere of the greenhouse gas. In fact, MTG plans to use FOP’s popular energy source to freeze Mars.

“Mars is big,” she said. “Why don’t we make Americans work there?”

Republicans are boldly announcing the move. There is a lot to gain in GOP. The coal industry should employ miners as early as the 19th century. Employees will have job security for generations. Construction workers are employed to build clean, unfiltered coal-fired factories. Even NASA’s egg packs offer real financial support. The scientists and engineers of the revitalized space agency no longer have to sell bakeries and car washes.

Many experts suggest that Elon Mook will stand to win big. NASA alone cannot withstand the task of transporting coal, men and materials to the Red Planet. The music company Space X will receive a large sum of US tax dollars to make the dream of the coal-modified Mars a reality. Sources say the billionaire is happy to have big fat government contracts as long as he does not pay taxes.

Non-partisan think tanks believe that the biggest losers of the plan will be American taxpayers and future generations of American taxpayers. The country is already in debt and moving Mars to another country will plunge the country into crisis.

“This is the death of a middle class in the United States,” said Massachusetts representative Andrew Canard. “It will cost us all.”

An unnamed Republican responded to that concern. “It only hurts people who pay taxes or who rely on government assistance. The rich have nothing to worry about. Check it out and cooperate, Democrats. ”

The future of the earth and of Mars is in question. Could the Republicans be polluted in the strange version of the Garden of Eden in Mars?

Certainly no one knows.

In related news, the United Nations is targeting Florida.

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