Wait for the winter, there is a government power agency

Prices for natural gas, electricity, propane and heating oil have all increased.

Minneapolis, Minn.

According to the EIA, as prices rise for oil, natural gas, propane and electricity around the world continue to rise, consumers will see their heating units jump up to 54% compared to last winter.

the reason? It is difficult to identify, but only in part because demand has increased faster than recent, even faster than supply.

For example, natural gas is the highest winter price of 2007-2008: Americans pay an average of $ 746 this summer to heat … 30% a year ago.

For the Midwest, this could be as high as 49% last winter.

With this in mind, Ian Werner from Hero Tap Heating and Cooling is here to support what comes next year as a part-time job.

“It doesn’t work when we see a large number of people finally turn on their equipment in mid-October,” says Werner.

They are busy and the burden feels like a heavy lift because supply chain issues are also in demand right now.

“We have increased the price by five or six in the last five months,” he said. On top of that, some of these increases have increased by 5 to 15%, but there have been significant increases, but we are seeing more than 200 of these shortcomings. About 300% increase at our expense.

And who pays for those price increases? Consumers.

“This industry is based on helping people and there is not much profit in this industry,” Werner said. When our prices increase, we have to deliver to the customer so that we can stay in business.

So we can’t control the weather, and we can’t control the production of energy sources.

Werner says you can make some permanent changes this summer to make sure your stove or boiler is working properly.

“We have to keep that heat indoors. We lose heat through leaky windows, sliding doors, and in the house. ” “Ground cover is huge, with reports that it could add $ 750 to pay for gas heating this summer. Take that money, add some extra coverage. If you can’t find new windows, throw away plastic. Works on windows, works.


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