Voting August 29, 2021

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• George: I am saddened that I have decided to seek medical advice from G / Dantanis, rather than the prestigious UF Health Faculty of Fufs.

• George: Now that our local colleges and universities are open, I hope one of the first courses will teach the students how to cross the road safely. You should not look at your phone or talk to a friend or go to traffic when you cross the street. Pedestrians are just as responsible as drivers.

• George: I would like to thank the woman who published her letter on August 21 in Guinnessville, San. I, and all I know, completely agree with her and share her anger. Anti-Vaststers and unvaccinated people have done this wisely for the rest of us.

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• George: Dessantis is harassing the voters of Alachu and Broward districts by threatening to remove money from school boards and officials for asking for masks for students. The people elected these officers and officials. The government does not represent the independence party. It represents an oppressive party.

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