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This year marks the second year that Autodesk University has been fully online due to the epidemic. Asynchronous view (available until October 31) Registration was free and each session was recorded.

A.D. The first African Union, held in San Francisco in 1993, hosted an annual series of world events in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The event provides an opportunity for the San Rafael, California-based software company to showcase new initiatives, announce new products and purchases, host user-led training sessions, and gather feedback with software development teams through customer workshops. And, most importantly, the AU serves as a social forum for AEC professionals and companies in their markets.

The African Union offers a number of benefits, including ease of access to the online format. Instead of traveling to Las Vegas, where the North American Union is usually held, participants can get in from their tables. According to Autodesk, more than 100,000 participants and 200 sponsors and exhibitors have registered for this year’s three-day event, which is expected to continue overseas.

Through the African Union Conference Forum, users will be able to connect to the main and user presentation as well as informally through the forum’s community zone. Fitness participants can join Autodesk’s free Strava club and even participate in a virtual 5 km fun race. Other major conference issues, such as networking and socialization, were very difficult at large online events.

News and updates
The key addresses of the African Union, commonly given by AutoCod executives, provide an overview of the company’s priorities and future initiatives. In this year’s Highlights, Autodesk outlines major initiatives through new product offerings and recent purchases. The company is focusing on shared information areas (CDEs) and digital twins to make project information more accessible.

CDE is a shared repository of project information where team members and stakeholders can contribute and consume information as needed. The key part of the CDE is access to information from the top floor to the store floor, said Andrew Ananost, CEO of Autodesk, in a keynote address. He and other key speakers have repeatedly referred to Autodesk’s construction cloud platform, which includes construction, BM collaboration, and takeoff products, such as AEC Strategy Nicholas Mangon, Vice President of Autodesk, to create a CDE for design and construction teams.

Nicholas Mango
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Nicholas Mango

Also, digital twins — building digital models that represent their physical partners in real time — aim to provide building owners and operators tools to manage and optimize their assets. Autodesk’s new Tandem software provides a cloud-based digital twin platform.

An important part of Autodesk’s open data initiative is the forge platform. Forge provides a set of web-based application programming interfaces (APIs) that connect Autodesk cloud and desktop software to software developers. Although it has been in use for many years, Forge has grown into key technology in support of Autodesk’s efforts to facilitate data sharing. “Forge is the basis for data sharing and is used to manage all project data,” Mangon said in keywords in architecture, engineering and construction design.

Autodesk looks at Forge for ways to provide more interaction. Although Revit cannot work directly with civilian 3D files, for example Forge does this data transfer through various APIs. Users may not know they are using Forge, but it is the technology behind these many new capabilities. “We need to move from a large stock company to a one-stop-shop,” said Raji Arashu, chief technology officer of Autodec.

In addition to announcing new product offerings, Autodesk has highlighted two recent acquisitions, Spacemaker AI and Innovyze. A.D. Spacemaker AI, acquired in 2020, provides software that facilitates the initial stages of design: site planning and site selection. The latest version of the Spacemaker software provides location-specific micro-climate analysis using urban data, which allows designers to design more comfortable outdoor spaces. Innovyze, acquired this year, provides asset management software to the water industry. Its information 360 asset software provides equipment experts with tools to better manage and evaluate the condition of plumbing and equipment.

Temperature diagram, Spacemaker
Courtesy Autodesk
Temperature diagram, Spacemaker
Thermal comforat diagram, Spacemaker
Courtesy Autodesk
Thermal comforat diagram, Spacemaker

User presentations
The African Union has provided more than 700 courses this year, giving it the opportunity to learn from other software users. Earlier this year, the company decided to make a final decision through an online voting process. All sections had limited time for participants to ask questions and interact online with providers.

Courses covered specific topics with software such as BIM 360 Workflows – Noida International Airport. Focusing on the Autodesk BIM360 platform, this section provides a detailed case study of how the Nordic-Architecture Office used the platform to share and manage project files for large and complex project teams in Delhi, India. In addition to serving as a central file storage, the BIM360 was used to track package offerings and perform conflict detection.

Many African Union courses covered justice and inclusion, such as being a true Jedi – justice, fairness, diversity and inclusion. The five speakers in this section discussed their own experiences of fairness and diversity in the AEC industry and how they can support members of oppressed groups in a better place. “If we can learn to be open to each other, we can truly enjoy the diversity of our differences instead of giving and receiving information and being afraid of them,” said speaker and architect Elaine Lee.

Genetic design components are well represented. The course on the future of design in revitalization demonstrates practical applications using genetic design workflows using multi-generation construction, MEP roof coordination and road layout. Also, many departments focused on using software to support sustainable design. Lake focusing on the application of pre-energy modeling in architecture | Flatto integrated the energy model into the design process, using technology and software to create a more sustainable designS. Focuses on Buro Hapold processes, documents and software to create environmentally friendly designs.

This year’s Autodesk University highlighted the value of collaboration, communication and information sharing among project team members and project team members. Recognizing the limitations of its software as well as its ability to facilitate greater data sharing, Autodesk seems to be doubling down on AC for information on the Forge platform. Although end users are unfamiliar with Forge, they will probably be using it sooner rather than later. This initiative could be a boon for the coming year – and could give the African Union a chance to talk about the future next year.

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