Virginia board denies permission to extend pipeline to North Carolina

Virginia Air Pollution Control Board Ventures Comprehensive Air Conditioning Performance in Chatham, Southern Virginia

On the second day of the two-day meeting, the Virginia Air Pollution Board voted 6-1. The idea is to extend the Mountain Valley pipeline to North Carolina.

Environmental groups and environmentalists have voiced opposition to the project, citing environmental assessments such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and formaldehyde.

16 Members of the Virginia House of Representatives, citing environmental issues, urged the board to revoke the license in October.

“The emissions from the Compressor stations contain toxic substances and any planned project that promotes new health hazards in the community should be carefully considered,” he wrote. “The potential impact of a project and its contribution to accumulated impact must be weighed against any arguments.”

Environmentalists have praised the board’s decision, including Lynn Godfarin, community service coordinator of Sera Club Virginia Chapter.

“No one should be asked to sacrifice their air, water and health. “Everything is a victory,” Golfre said in a statement. “If the wealthy investors who support this project are willing to read it, the article is on the wall. Fresh fossil fuels are out of date.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael ReaganMichael Reaganbidden Administration Takes Action to Reverse Trump Water Laws Biden, Senior Officials Launched to Introduce Infrastructure Package Energy and Environment He has repeatedly emphasized the need for environmental justice, or to address the impact of environmental policy on disadvantaged communities. In October, the agency began the process of increasing reporting requirements for ethylene oxide to another compound related to respiratory problems and cancer in local communities.


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