Virgin Journeys’ Scarlet Lady First Look: A High-Powering Tour Like No One’s


Think of the Scarlet Lady as a village and realize its dining options – Italian, Mexican, Korean, vegetarian – just like any other way of life.

There are six dining rooms with six seats on your ship’s app (around 200 seats) and a set of other dining areas.

While there are options for “treating yourself” for anything special, there is no charge for any restaurant.

One of the best is the experimental dining room, a six-course dinner in combination with wine, beer, cocktails or alcohol-free desserts (you pay for the drinks but for six glasses of different wines, etc. $ 35, etc.). Each course is amazing – a pea egg works better than you think – and there’s a vegetarian menu.

Gunbae is a Korean barbecue restaurant with good staff who cook short ribs, pork, pork and vegetables in the center of each table. These electric ovens are designed specifically for the ship so that they do not sit around the heat or leave a mixture of odors – it can be worse to wear than a staff drink. .

Rose Agav is a “high-end” Mexican, offering unusual dishes in traditional cuisine, and the Rachel Dessie restaurant is primarily vegetarian and open from breakfast. You can start your horn with fried eggs and yeast, fried milk and sprinkled fried broth or go full hips and try avocado with goujang vinegar cucumber, melon radish, finger lime and roasted seeds.

Extra Virgin is a great place for Italian food, even if you sit at the bar for a drink and a drink: hand-rolled mozzarella on grilled focaccia or grilled chicken liver with grilled ciabatta.

But perhaps the most sophisticated restaurant for breakfast is the stocking house behind the ship – including raw lobster, oysters, shrimp, mushrooms and crabs – for dinner.

You can only enter these restaurants once, although there is a waiting list if you want to return, but there is no reservation for other restaurants. These include a mesquite snack and grilled shrimp, chicken, octopus, steak or goat cheese poleta at 7, and The Dock House at a nearby pizza place — both indoor and outdoor seating.

Most of the other dining experiences take place in the galley on the boat 15 – not a buffet but a street food smorgasbord, including tacos and burritos, noodles, Japanese food or burgers – all served to your table.

If you want a fry in the afternoon or midnight, and are hidden on boat 16, there is an all-day breakfast of Asian delicacies mixed with tuna or fish. Salmon for lunch.

You will also find a cup of coffee and special tea in Galilee or at the Plains Club 7.

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