Victory Square Technologies announces investment in renewable energy company – Starstar Solar

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Vancouver, British Columbia, June 08, 2021 (Globo Newsweire) – Victory Square Technologies Inc. Investors provide access to a diverse portfolio of companies in key sectors: digital health, gaming, blockchain, RV, cyber security, cloud economy and cloud computing, and are pleased to know that the investment has been completed (“Investment”) in the United States and Canada. A renewable energy company between the company and Starstust (“STA”) in a renewable energy company in the Starstar Solar (“Starstust”).

“We are very happy to invest in Star Solar,” said Shafin Almaz Tejani, CEO of Victory Square. This strategic investment is in line with the vision of working with technology and sustainable influencers as we seek to eliminate the damage to our environment and create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly footprint. “And, it’s not just an environmental issue, it’s an economic issue,” Tejani continued. For future companies in this game, future prize estimates, technologies, and some carbon-related technologies are huge. “Victory Square is constantly looking for returns to its stakeholders and the company is very confident in this Starburst Solar Investment,” Tejani said.

A.D. Founded in 2017, Starstup Solar is a leader in renewable energy education in Canada, providing hands-on design and installation training approved by CSA / NABCEP. Stardust Solar is also one of the first franchises in North America to install solar PV systems.

About Stardust Solar Highlights

  • Network of over 2,000+ trained professionals in Canada and the United States (all trained and certified by Renewable Energy) – Source – Statistics Finance
  • One of the largest renewable energy education providers in Canada
  • It was recently acquired by the Canadian Solar Institute
  • Training courses in solar PV installation, EV charger installation, solar hot water, wind power and wave power
  • Approved training for CSA and NABCEP entering the renewable energy industry.
  • Solar PV Installation Franchise Model (Dale and Lessmann LLP, leading franchise law firm)
  • Franchise Territories Sold or Occupied – Vancouver BC, Camlopes, BC, Prince George, BC, Edmonton, AB, Bari / Muscoca, Berto, and Halifax, N.
  • SUNPOWER National Housing Distribution Agreement in Canada
  • Future proprietary products in research and development
    • Environmental panels (generate energy from sun and rain)
    • Clothing made from solar cells
  • Environmental Terms – For each solar panel installed, 10 trees have been planted in the country where the deforestation took place, and 25 trees have been planted per solar student.

Today, the demand for skilled workers in the renewable energy industry is growing. The Standards Solar Advanced Training Curriculum has been reviewed and approved by CSA and NABCEP to meet the certification of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Certification (NOC 7241) and NABCEP Associates. Our renewable energy training infrastructure allows us to provide solar PV franchise licenses to our best students. With more than 2,000 certified solar panels in our network and 100+ requests for franchises throughout Canada, Star Solar is one of the leading renewable energy players in North America.

“I’m very happy to be back with Shafin Almaz Tejani and the team at VST,” said Mark Tadros, founder and CEO of Starst Solar. “When our roads cross first and I feel like we are in a full circle by announcing this strategic investment in the company. Strategic Solar has a strategic position to hold market share in this $ 100 billion sector, and our strategic alignment with VASS will lead us to our ultimate goal in record time.

Investment Terms
According to SPA, the total purchase price for the investment was $ 600,000, according to the terms of the investment.

  • The company agreed to issue a “VST Shares” to Starstad, taking into account 20% of the shares and stakes. A total of 674,157 VST shares.
  • At the close of the investment (“closing”), VST shares will be purchased during the term of release under the following schedule.
    • 168,541 shares were released in 4 months and one day from the date of closing.
    • Five months after its closure, 126,404 shares were released;
    • Six months after the closing date, 126,404 shares were released;
    • 76,404 shares were released 7 months after the closing date; And
    • Eight months after the closing date, 126,404 shares were released.
  • In addition to the purchase price, the company agreed to pay up to $ 100,000 to Starstust by issuing 12-month maturity notes. These volatile notes are reserved for re-sale of VST shares.
  • In addition, StarTus agreed that the company could make a sole decision or share in the exchange for up to 15% of the shareholder shares on the Starst list.
  • Finally, StarTist agrees to grant the Company its initial refusal to disclose any future financial or details of the StarStud.

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