Victoria Côte d’Ivoire – Putin will play a key role in Europe’s climate change climate

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Leaders from around the world are meeting in New York this week for the UN General Assembly – climate issues are at the top of the agenda.

Many talks will inevitably include higher commitments to accelerate payments to carbon-neutral renewable energy sources. In view of the growing power crisis in the Atlantic Ocean, this statement is to some extent itself. Short-term climate policies, on the one hand, renewable energy, such as wind and hydro, and, on the other hand, imported natural gas from Vladimir Putin’s Russia have created unsustainable dependence.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, for example, will soon be forced to raise billions of pounds when he reopens carbon-belling coal plants, which will be the center and center of the Tuli Bay climate crossroads. – Crisis as the temperature drops and supplies become more anxious.

At this time, it is not possible to avoid Hobson’s choice between Russia’s asylum and winter closure at this time, but strong US leadership can prevent both European partners from moving forward and resisting the same self-inflicted pain.

Natural factors have contributed to the current crisis, and the demand for renewable, carbon-neutral energy sources such as wind and hydro is not yet reliable enough to ignite the modern world. Deforestation on the coast of the United Kingdom and the drought in Scandinavia have significantly reduced the supply of wind and solar power.

Renewable, on the other hand, is a relatively small European power supply and is currently disproportionately dependent on natural gas — especially to close nuclear power plants in Germany, Belgium, and Spain under the name of “climate.” Russian natural gas giant Gazprom already supplies 40 percent of its natural gas to the continent. It is looking to expand its market share through the new Nord Stream 2 pipeline under the Baltic Sea, which will extend existing pipelines to Eastern Europe.

The United States, both in Congress and under the Trump administration, will give Putin a monopoly on European energy supplies – endangering our NATO allies. The Europeans, on the other hand, insisted on continuing with the project. Climate change using natural gas produced from their own soil is more important than relying on NATO, Russia’s defense minister.

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Despite its limited supply and untapped potential, Putin seems to have taken advantage of the gas market to lead to a 20 percent reduction in gas exports to Gazprom in Europe. In the pipeline between Poland and Ukraine. As a result of the shortfall and the simultaneous increase in prices, Putin will be able to force European customers to follow up on the recently completed Nord Stream 2.

Nord Stream 2 could now represent Europe’s power line this summer, going forward and giving Putin a switch to European gas supply at any time from London to Berlin. Economic downturn by increasing exports.

Putting Europe on Nord Stream 2 also frees Putin from any worries about German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has vowed to take strong action if Russia uses force as a weapon of war, especially in Eastern Europe. It also means that Putin will be able to redouble his efforts to force former Soviet members to return to Russian-occupied territory, both by force and by force.

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If our European partners realize the fact that their current state of power is not sustainable, the United States should help and assist them. For starters, the Bidden administration should stop complaining that North Stream 2 is imminent and that the United States has no capacity to defend it.

We can call Putin Tin Gazprom an irresponsible supplier with a record of calling power. For Nord Stream 2, we can double our sanctions efforts to support any economic poisoning.

In countries like Belgium, we can support the opposition in countries that support their government to repeal plans to close nuclear power plants and encourage the spread of clean and safe nuclear power, both at home and abroad.

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We can ask Europe to duplicate natural gas sources, for example, the Eastern Mediterranean pipeline project to flow natural gas through Israel and Cyprus through Greece, and the LNG from the United States and Egypt.

And, most importantly, we can realize our own reality: Europe’s current energy problems could quickly become ours if the political leadership does not realize that over-the-top ideas like the New Deal will accelerate the desire to turn to electrification before they become sufficiently diverse. Stable sources to meet our growing demand for energy. Instead, until new alternatives and renewable energy sources are fully available online – we can draw first and foremost from our domestic oil and gas supply.

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