Valennt launches new blended vocational training courses


Valentine launches new blessed vocational training courses

Villa has launched a series of vocational courses for installers that can be combined with theoretical modules that can be taken from the comfort of their own home.

The company has launched four blended learning courses with Cert-ain certification services, providing valuable industry-recognized training to the sectors in line with their crowded programs.

Take a look at the current building codes as participants learn professional rules covering water regulations, incomplete hot water systems, energy efficiency and electrical safety exclusions. Once completed, the chars can then go to the Valentine Exit Center to complete the application before completing their qualifications.

Moving on to mixed education comes after Villan has completed his training courses online during the epidemic so that as many students as possible can develop their skills. A.D. Following the success of the 25,000 places in the 2020 online training courses, the new courses will significantly reduce the time required to attend one of the training courses, and can instead complete the course for three courses in two days.

“As a business, we always look at ways to support entrepreneurs,” said Spencer Clark, Valentine’s business director. Training is a great way to develop and duplicate skills to provide new services. However, it can be costly to stay away from the days when you think many players are still trying to recover from the last 18 months.

We look forward to seeing how we can duplicate this to provide the installation industry-recognized qualifications for the success of our online training courses at Vaillant. Our new Cert-ain courses allow installers to invest in their education at no extra cost. In addition, we have worked hard behind the scenes to make this a reality and we have made sure that all of our coaches meet the strict criteria for eye-catching.

Click here for more information on Cert-ain vocational courses from Valentine.

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