Use petroleum jelly to get drinking cups to stay

Image for the text to be re-attached to your suction cups

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When they do their job well, drinking glasses are great. More storage in the shower? Don’t worry about me. But sometimes the cups lose their ability to stick to the wall. Try to keep them as comfortable as possible, they will continue to slip on the floor in your bathroom or kitchen window, and that’s a problem. Fortunately, quick and easy hacking fixes that. Here is what you need to know.

How to use petroleum jelly to make drinking cups work again

Although this hack is by no means new, TikTok is re-branded – especially for users @alroessler. In the video, they have a bathtub – a sponge with a drinking cup does not stick to the side of the bath. But later, at the bottom of the narrow cups, a quick jet of petroleum jelly, and the sponge holder remain in place.

Other ways to make drinking cups

In An essay for Hanker, Christopher Nunez He shares a few other ways to make drinking cups work again:

  • Make sure the surface is smooth and flat like a mirror
  • Remove grease and grease from both floor and suction cup
  • Rinse the cup in warm water to make it more flexible
  • Press the suction cup regularly to remove air pockets
  • Make sure the temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit

In the meantime, A separate article on Hanker (By Kathy Adams) You can use a small amount of cooking oil instead of petroleum jelly to make a sticky cup. How to “Apply the selected ingredient around the cup next to the lips” She writes. Use as little as possible, otherwise the cup may lose its gravitational pull.


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