USC Veterby offers two new short courses: “Veterby Vs. Epidemics! ” And “Sustainable Power” – USC Viterbi | School of Engineering

USC Vitterbi Engineering School offers two free tutorials “Viterbi vs. Pandemics! ” It starts. And “lasting power.”

Dean Janis Jortos, dean of the USC Whiteby Engineering School, knew this semester was unprecedented.

Since the week of September 8, Dean Yartos has been leading the way, not one But two A free talk series designed to raise awareness of two of the most pressing issues on the planet.

September 8 begins with a five-week series of “Sustainable Energy”: Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm – focusing on the effects of climate change and global limitations. Led by Dean Yarsus himself, the series “Can a country or a state satisfy its energy needs with renewable energy?” Answers the question.

The series runs through Tuesday, October 6th.

“Viterbi vs Pandemics!” The series, however, shows the USC Vitterby researchers’ determination to fight COVID-19 from September 10.

“’Viterbi vs Pandemics!’ At some point in our lives, the subject is clear, ”said Dean Yarsos. ”

The 10-part series will begin with a keynote address by Dean Jortos and Assad Obeira, Assistant Dean of Research at USC Veterby and Professor of Housing Europe and Mechanical Engineering. The series will run from 6:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Thursday.

The lessons aim to provide a strong framework for coping with, teaching and informing the Covenant-19 epidemic and to mobilize further efforts in this unique challenge.

“We believe we have made some new contributions to the epidemic,” said Dean Yartosos.

Speakers from Professor Pin Wang, a fellow of Zohrab A Caprialian in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Biomedical Engineering, also known as “Certified Vaccination”; Professor Andrea Armani, Chair of Ray Iran, Chair of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, which recalls bacteria with shelf materials to kill bacteria and viruses; For Cyrus Shahab, Chair of the Department of Computer Science, which develops a personalized, contact tracking application that can identify hot spots based on individual activities, and Cyrus.

Both participants in the series will be given the opportunity to pursue further classes (CEUs).

Jortos said, “At first, we wanted our speeches to be delivered directly to our USC Veterby students. In tape form, they may be available to other viewers later. ”

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