US Pure Energy Seals $ 3.5 Trillion Budget Agreement |

The United States Energy Council thanked the House for approving the $ 3.5 trillion congressional budget agreement to accelerate energy transfers and increase U.S. clean energy production and transportation.

The U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday approved the 220-212 budget resolution, paving the way for Democrats to advance President Joe Biden’s social and clean energy agenda.

The vote in the House of Representatives has allowed them to think of a better agenda for my return and to offer clean energy tax credits among many other health care, Medicare and child care proposals, said President Biden.

Environmental programs, incentives for more clean energy, tax breaks for families, and additional resources for education and health care are part of the budget decision.

Commenting on the US House of Representatives’ approval of the budget, Renewable Energy President and CEO Gregory Metton said in a statement.

To approve the 22-year-old budget decision, today’s House of Representatives vote will eventually set a crucial step in the climate crisis. A stable, long-term, full-fledged net energy tax platform is the basis for easing the grid and creating millions of well-paid jobs in the United States.

“Congress must now take clear and decisive action to adopt a comprehensive climate policy that can address this one-generation opportunity,” Whitestone added.

Heather Zichal, CEO of the American Sanitation Association, said after the House approved the budget:

Infrastructure investments in clean energy not only create better-paying jobs in the United States, but also benefit the environment. More than 415,000 Americans are already working in the renewable energy industry, and the move to infrastructure could provide more than 1 million direct energy jobs and more than $ 1 trillion in investment.

We look forward to continuing to work with Congress to ensure the rapid growth of clean energy projects to achieve the important climate goals we need to achieve.

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