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By Cory Ohlenkamp—

MUNCIE, Ind. – Representing the American Electric Power (AP) Foundation, Indiana and Michigan Power, Ivy Tech Munchi has pledged $ 225,000 over three years ($ 75,000 per year) to support the youth development program. This first-of-its-kind partnership between NAACP Muncie Branch, Ivy Tech Community College, and Indiana Michigan Power provides leadership development and education programs for minority Muncie-area high school students.

The Muncie Youth Empowerment Program provides new opportunities and education for Munich youth, investing in the next generation of our community, and opening the door to new ways of higher education.

“We have built a great partnership between Indiana Michigan Power, Ivy Tech and NAACP Muncie,” said George Foley 2.DVice President of NAACP Muncie Branch. Thank you I&M for bringing our young people together with Ivy Tech in this incentive program at Munsi – especially in the city. M and I listened and helped create this program, which is impossible without the support of the AEP Foundation.

The program helps young students understand their potential and grow through leadership development, life skills courses, educational programs, work placements and the arts. Participating students will receive college credit for their Ivy Tech course and visit historic black colleges and universities. NAACP Muncie Branch and Ivy Tech are also collaborating with Shafer Leadership Academy to provide leadership training and development to empower youth in their communities.

Vice Chancellor Wayne Johnson of Ivy Tech Registration Services outlined the main program objectives:This program exposes students to college courses while providing life-changing, enriching experiences. We want to teach students that higher education should not be a scary process, but we want to introduce students to different paths to success in education and careers, ”Johnson said.

The importance of this program is significant because the Indiana Higher Education Commission found that black and Hispanic students who take two credit courses in high school are more than twice as likely to graduate from college as pairs. Credit.

The program will host enrollment and preliminary events at the EVE Tech Community College John and Janice Fisher Building (345 S. High St.) in downtown Muncie on Thursday, September 16 to help celebrate and finish the first team. Students. The preparation follows the CDC Health Guidelines for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, so it is recommended to wear social distractions and masks.

Students are encouraged to enroll in the program before it begins, but staff can help others on the first night.

“Improving life through education is one of the goals of both the I&M and AEP Foundation,” said Indiana Michigan Power, vice president of foreign affairs and consumer experience. “We are focused on advancing the needle on racial and social justice issues, so we are proud to support NAACP and Ivy Tech in the interest program in the Muncie community. We are thrilled to see how the upcoming courses will help shape our strong leaders for tomorrow.

The Youth Enrollment Program enrolls 50 high school students each year. To be eligible, students must attend high school in Delaware County and may be required to complete an interview. Interested students can apply at the NAACP Muncie branch website at or by email at

How the Youth Empowerment Program works

  • Ivy Tech Community College provides college-level courses and vocational training to students. Students complete the program with credits that are available for their college degree and staff.
  • The NAACP Muncie Branch is calling for partnerships to provide students with financial literacy and vocational training opportunities.
  • Shaffer Leadership Academy facilitates a five-module series that explores exemplary leadership practices. Provide students with five research-based experiences, which begin with their leadership skills and inspire self-confidence.
  • Students visit historic black colleges and universities, exposing them to additional educational opportunities.
  • Participating students may apply for summer jobs at the Muncie Parks and Recreation Summer Youth Work Program.

About the AEP Foundation:
The US Electricity Foundation is funded by utility units, including Nassak AAP and Indiana Michigan Power. The Foundation provides high dollar values ​​and multi-year commitment to AAP communities and sustainable and sustainable funding for charitable out-of-AEP 11-state service areas. The Foundation focuses on improving the quality of life in education from childhood to higher education, environmental protection, providing basic human services in the areas of famine, housing, health and well-being, and enriching the arts, music and cultural heritage. . The Foundation is based in Columbus, Ohio.

About the power of Indiana Michigan:
Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) is headquartered in Fort Wayne, with an estimated 2,100 employees and more than 600,000 customers. A.D. More than 85% of the energy released in 2020 was free. M and M have 2,278 megawatts of nuclear power in Michigan, 450 megawatts of wind power from Indiana, more than 22 megawatts of hydroelectric power in both states, and approximately 35 megawatts of solar power in both states. . The company’s generation portfolio includes 2,620 megawatts of coal in Indiana.

About Nappe Monk Branch –
The highest mission of people of color is to ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality of all people and to eliminate racial discrimination. We strive to ensure a society where all individuals have equal rights without racial discrimination.

About IVY TECH Community College –
Ivy Tech Community College is serving international communities, providing world-class education and driving economic transition. It is the state’s largest public post-secondary institution and the nation’s only accredited public community college system. It serves as the state’s human resource engine, providing valuable degree programs and training tailored to the needs of the community, along with courses and programs that will be transferred to other colleges and universities in Indiana. He is recognized by the Higher Education Commission and a member of the North Central Association.

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