upGrad Inc. He is expanding his study abroad in collaboration with Fraser Valley University (UFV) and the University of Yorkville for degree programs.

~ The new addition offers a number of learning benefits such as flexibility in the campus, TOFEL / IELTS / PTE training, and study of external modules to meet Canadian study requirements. ~

Otewawa, Canada – (Business Wire) –# Tech–UupGrad, Asia’s largest editorial leader, has added two more prestigious international universities to its study abroad portfolio. The first shows on upGradAbroad.com are Fraser Valley University (UFV) and Yorkville University.

UFV is a leading Canadian public university that has launched Business Management (BBA) and Computer Information Systems (BIS) programs at upGradAbroad.com. These ground-breaking degree courses are designed to help students build practical postgraduate careers abroad. According to Globe and Mail University, UFV scores high scores on practical education and student experience, according to Globe and Mail University.

The University of Yorkville – a leading private Canadian university with campuses in Vancouver and Toronto – offers a BBA degree program with a wide range of flexible learning benefits. A bachelor’s degree at the University of York at the University of California, Berkeley. Graduates are trained to be ready for work in a variety of industries, including finance, software, aerospace, energy, manufacturing, fashion and media, or to start their own businesses successfully. A rigorous curriculum covers a wide range of major businesses, including management, strategy, practice, accounting, and marketing, and prepares students for current challenges.

These industry-leading approaches are designed to provide flexible access to students outside of Canada by launching their courses through the upGrad platform and saving significant costs. The programs are built on the advice of Gradgrad to provide ongoing support throughout the modules, including advice from around the world to make students as problem-free as possible. Upon successful completion of the campus program in the fourth year, students will also be able to apply for a post-graduation work permit, which will allow them to stay in the country and build a career in Canada for up to three years.

When commenting on a partnership, Ancur Dawan, President – Foreign Studies, Grade, he said Due to the instability and delays caused by the epidemic, many students have no choice but to abandon their professional interests. The crisis will soon lead to a shortage of skilled workers. Therefore, we plan to narrow the gaps in our foreign education programs and enable students to build a meaningful and meaningful future for themselves. We are thrilled to partner with UFF and Yorkville University to achieve our goal of becoming India’s largest high-tech leader.

“York University prides itself on providing flexible, robust and accessible education. Our partnership with upGrad builds on those values ​​by bringing international students to another rich learning environment. BBA graduates can apply for up to 3 years postgraduate work permit and apply for career opportunities in project management, accounting, energy management and supply chain management. We are thrilled to be working with UpGrad to welcome students to Canada and prepare them for rewards.He concluded Chris Fraser, Director of Admissions, University of Ontario, Yorkville.

The arrival of these two new universities comes shortly after the announcement of a “grade” partnership with the University of North Arizona in the United States.


upGrad is a pioneer in the online education revolution, “improving the professional success of every life partner for every member of the workforce.” Founded by Ronne Screwvala, one of the most influential people in the world, with Mayank Kumar and Falgun Compali, upGrad has affected more than 1 million students in more than 50 countries.

upGrad, Asia’s top EDEC leader, integrates industry professionals around the world to create the first content that delivers real-world learning and personalized learning, a one-stop solution, a proprietary AI-driven technology platform from full-time students.

To deliver the best university quality education, upGrad brings together the world’s leading universities, faculty and industry professionals in an integrated digital platform, providing the full flexibility to accelerate self-confidence. upGrad An ever-expanding list of international universities: Duke Corporate Education (USA), Michigan State University (USA), Liverpool Liverpool v John Mores University (UK), Deacon Business School (Australia), Swiss Business School (Geneva), IIT Madras (India), IM Kozkokode (India).

UpGrad’s alumni base is employed by blue chip companies such as Gojek, PayTM, Gartner, Flipkart (Walmart-acquired), Accenture and E&Y. upGrad # 1, LinkedIn Top Startups India 2020 and is in the FT Asia-Pacific Top Growth Companies 2021 and GSV Global EdTech 50 Top 50.


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