Update: View Done; NV Energy Carson City to Watch Neighboring Communities on PSOM ‘Watch’ Due to Wildfires on Sunday | Carson City Nevada News

Current Friday 4:30 PM: Public Safety Termination Administration Time Scheduled
September 17, 2021, according to an announcement from NV Energy.

The statement is as follows:

Due to improved weather forecasts, a PSOM timeline has been set for your PSOM zone. We appreciate your support in your work to reduce fires in your community.
For more information, including preparation tips, CRC information and PSOM requirements, please visit nvenergy.com/psom.

Thank you,

NV Energy


NV Energy announced to its customers on Thursday that Carsin City, Minden, Garnerville and Jacques Valley, among other communities, have put a “clock” in place for public safety disruptions. It is expected to arrive on Sunday.

During the PSOM event, NV Energy will shut off power lines and other equipment in high-risk and high-risk areas to prevent wildfires.

More detailed weather forecasts based on NV Energy will provide additional information on the possible PSOM event time and duration.

According to the Reno National Weather Service, strong winds are expected on Saturday and especially Sunday.

In August, it announced the expansion of the PSV to Carson City, Lyon, Washo and Shop districts, as well as Humbolt and Elco. Since 2019, the company has implemented the program in Nevada’s highest-risk areas, including Dahos County, Lake Tahoe and Mount Charleston.

NV Energy says it has worked to reduce the number of injured customers by making plans to recharge power during the PSOM event. The utility says PSOM is a key measure against wildfires.

The following is a list of communities in the follow-up list.

Carson City, Minden, Cold Springs, Galena, Gardenville, Glenbruck, Inline Village, Jack Valley, Kingbury, Pinnacle, Raleigh Heights, Red Rock, Rondell, South Reno, Topaz, VC Highlands, Verdi, Washo Valley and West Reno.

The letter is below:

We are monitoring the fire situation in your area and the Public Safety Disaster Management (PSOM) timeline will apply to the following PSOM zones on Sunday, September 19, 2021 –

During the PSOM event, power lines, or debris entering the power lines, and other equipment will be turned off for safety to prevent wildfires when certain environmental conditions are met. Safety is a top priority for NV Energy and PSOM is a key defense measure to protect the community and the environment from wildfires.

Here is what you need to know
– If you want to use force for public safety, please prepare an emergency plan.

We will continue to monitor the situation and get more updates about the termination.

This PSOM clock can be canceled if the weather conditions change

If it is interrupted, we will work to restore the service immediately and safely

If you see a faulty power line, think it is powerful and extremely dangerous and report it immediately by calling 911.

For more information, including readiness tips, CRC information and PSOM requirements, visit nvenergy.com/psom or call 775-834-4444.

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