University official in Scotland apologizes for ‘endless courses’

Todd Walker, Vice Chancellor of the University of the Highlands and Islands. PIC – Contributed.

Todd Walker, vice chancellor of the University of the Highlands (UHI), made the remarks after arriving in Invennes from Australia to take his stand.

Professor Walker, who was appointed in February but traveled to Scotland due to the epidemic, told Inverness Courier that the curriculum was being reviewed.

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He said, “I am going to record that the days of useless education, unit or subject are over. We are not here to study without a direct job, a growing market or a sector. ”

Professor Walker told the newspaper that Tadash is a place of interest for the university, along with “seven or eight” others.

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The new principal of the Scottish University at home – in Australia

The vice chancellor added, “The university has started a curriculum review, which, among other things, examines the recruitment and demand. The evaluation is in the early stages and will take two to three years to complete.

To train talent in the region is to train talent.

The Vice Chancellor, who was criticized by scholars, creators and other analysts on Twitter, apologized Tuesday afternoon.

Following today’s article in Inverness Courier, I understand the concerns of some students and staff, especially the topic of UHI coursework courses.

“I feel sorry for this confusion or anxiety. When I agreed to give the interview, that was not my intention at all.

There is no hidden agenda or message from me in this article that some courses or subjects are more important than others.

Professor Walker said the assessment would be “clear” and would examine the needs and interests of students in the future.

Allan Kennedy, the first professor of Scottish history at Dundee University and an advisor to the editor of History Scotland Magazine, should be fired as soon as possible.

Former Scottish Environmental Secretary and long-serving MSP, who stood this year. This is very unfortunate – in my opinion it will stop getting the word ‘university’.

Writer, political activist and musician Pat Ken says, “At a time when we never want humanity, we can ask basic questions about ‘markets’ and ‘sectors’ values ​​and goals. ”

“All education is important,” said Mary Senior, representing university and college union teachers and support staff at the University and the College.

She said, “It is very important to connect with the economy and develop skills, but that is not the only thing that universities need. If we focus only on what is important to the economy, we will lose important new research and innovation.

A university must serve the community and for UHI this means connecting with highland and island communities, responding to social and cultural needs beyond what is suggested.

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