Uninstall these malicious fake apps from your Android phone now!

Once you decide to become a malicious application, Google will remove several cryptocurrency-related apps from the Google Play Store TrendMicro. These malicious applications were introducing themselves as cryptography mining apps that would help users make huge profits by investing in cloud-mining businesses that receive a certain amount of cryptography. But once installed, the apps only show ads and allow users to pay $ 15 a month for upgraded subscription services and fake mining capabilities.

Delete these fake cryptocurrency encryption apps from your Android phone quickly!

The bottom line is that none of these apps returned any value to users. The eight apps that are not available in the Google Play Store include:
  • BitFunds – Crypto Cloud Mining
  • Bitcoin Miner – Cloud Miner
  • Bitcoin (BTC) – Pool Mine Cloud Wallet
  • Crypto Holic – Bitcoin Cloud Mining
  • Daily Bitcoin Rewards – Cloud-Based Mining System
  • Bitcoin 2021
  • MineBit Pro – Crypto Cloud Mining & btc Mining
  • Ethereum (ETH) – Swimming pool cloud

Apps removed from the front of the Google Android App Store does not mean that you are out of the woods if you install one or more of these apps on your phone. If you have them, you should immediately uninstall them from your Android phone. The two applications were Crypto Holic – Bitcoin Cloud Mining and Daily Bitcoin Rewards – Cloud-based Mining, priced at $ 12.99 and $ 5.99 respectively.

One of the apps was previously a game designed to teach people about encryption currencies and has already avoided scrutiny because real currencies are not used. As a result, the developer wrote that his application should not make cryptographic payments to users.

A large number of similar apps remain in the Play Store. Trend Micro Mobile App Reutation Service (MARS) data shows that more than 120 counterfeit cryptocurrency apps are still online. These apps have absolutely no cryptocurrency and can trick users into viewing ads.

BitFunds – Crypto Cloud Mining, one of the eight apps removed from Google Play Store, has been downloaded more than 100,000 times. The TrendMicro report states that users are encouraged to click on ads instead of asking for more computer power for mining. The two apps, Bitcoin (BTC) – Min Mine Cloud Wallet and Bitcoin 2021 had the following malicious features

  • The interface is loaded with ads.
  • Users are told to start mining after watching video ads in the app.
  • Users have been told to click on ads during fake mining operations to verify that they are not robots.
  • Users are told to click on ads to increase mining speed.
Unfortunately, even those who see the ads they are supposed to see cannot remove any cryptocurrency from the app. However, users of these malicious applications will be told that the cryptography removal interface will be opened if they find many of their friends to install. Again, this is a false claim because the app always shows requests to withdraw cryptocurrency in pending state.

TrendMicro includes some helpful tips to help you find fake apps. The number one app on the list is something we tell you to do permanently before installing an app from a developer you have never heard of – check the comments left by users. A review for a fake mining app “This app is a scam. It’s easy to use and doesn’t heat your phone because it doesn’t do anything. ”

As always, the comment section is the first place to look for red flags that warn you to stay away from the app

When you see a few reviews like this, you need to run away from the app as much as you can. Another way to detect fraud is to restart the app or phone during “mining”. Most fake mining apps have fake counters that will restart at zero if they disappear in the middle of the ‘mining’ process.

You can also enter a fake or invalid cryptocurrency wallet address. If the app accepts and allows you to continue performing operations, the app is likely to be fake. And if there is no charge for encryption, your suspicions must be raised. Cryptocurrency transfer often comes with a high handling fee, which means that it is unlikely to be released.

Greed blinds us all. But do yourself a favor and check to see if any of the eight fake mining apps are installed on your Android phone. If so, do it now.

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