Uni has opened an institute to study the future technology in energy, health

Shanghai Jao Tong University has set up a new institute to promote innovations in energy and health technologies.

He said the university will play its full role in science, engineering and medicine and will pursue comprehensive and international cooperation.

Establishes a high-impact teaching team with a global impact on edge, disciplinary research and future technologies, organizes international research and teaching forums, and develops a multi-faceted talent in science and innovation that can support the country’s future development. .

The university decided to focus on future energy and health technologies because of the complex challenges of environmental pollution, climate change and energy shortages. It launches two new majors – sustainable energy and health science and technology.

The first examines the integration of new energy technologies, new network technologies and smart technologies to address current challenges and develop new approaches to future energy.

The second combines technologies, including artificial intelligence, medical robots, micro-communication, and micro-nano level control. It explores new approaches to treatment and health care to make health care more predictable, preventative, personalized and participatory. The goal is to enable patients to manage their own health and reduce clinical interventions.

The university promotes experience engineering to apply students’ knowledge, solve problems, create, design, collaborate, lead, think critically and pursue lifelong learning.

It breaks down current barriers to discipline to enable students to choose a multidisciplinary course based on their own needs. High school graduates will be able to choose their areas of interest during the second year of study and participate in research programs. Some very good students have a master’s degree or an MDD. Programs are preferred.

The new institute will expand its collaboration with international partners to establish joint research centers and collaborate on research and education. Sends students to international laboratories to collaborate in scientific research.

There will be extensive collaboration with organizations to develop courses related to their interests, to connect students with academic and industrial tutors, and to provide work experience and research opportunities.

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